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Dear MLMGateway Affiliates,

My name is Tabatha Yang. Lately I'd been thinking about you, knowing that 97% people who started business online or network affiliate marketing failed within 3-5 years. So I decide to write this as an invitation to you. At some point, please view my post on MLMGateway. I know are people like-minded who wants to succeed. But unless you get into the right company at the right time, you will never succeed.

No matter how good a business that you are in, if you don’t get in at the right time, it is not good enough. Time is all the essence. As they say, “The early birds get the worms.” For this reason, I am compelled to invite you to seriously take a look at Onpassive. I’d been in the networking business many years and different companies (travel, insurance, coffee, nutrition), but I had not seen anything comparable to this company for the average. I now run an interpreting agency from home. My husband is a pastor. We have been serving churches for the last 28 years. We hope, if money is not a problem, we would do better to help in expanding the Kingdom. 

Onpassive is a new IT Company based on the latest AI technology. The company is also known as Gofounders.net which are Onp[assive's customer/affiliate platform.  Onpassive was referred to me by my uncle from a different State. He asked me to join in May of last year. I said I will but I was just lying. Then he called in July again, and in September. I finally signed in before checking into it. The company is now at its final stage of pre-launch. In weeks it is going to open to the general public.

I want to invite you to check it out while the discounted founder position is still available before it launches to the public with full price ($997). I have no doubt that you will become successful with this new company. It may be the last and only company you ever join again. I strongly believe you will and all who join it with the following reasons:

1. Onpassive will be your business.  Because you already have a business (even if you don’t have a business, this will be your only business that you can earn from it), business-minded and have many potential customers, contacts and families to share this with them. 

2. You are truly not in business for yourself by yourself. The company will drive traffic to your business, recruit (new founders/customers) and build your business/team for you. This is truly amazing and unheard of. It is a win-win situation… both you and the company. But you know what, you are the bigger winner. This is the only company that works for its customers/founders/affiliates. 

3. The company is a one-stop shop company for all online/digital/media marketing need with superior marketing tools never before created worldwide, and a vision to become a unicorn company among the giants (such as Google, Youtube, Amazaon, Facebook, Gotowebinar) in the shortest period of time possible. 

Bottom line, your chance of success is 100% (compared to 3%). It is like magic that changes your life and your business forever. As the CEO, Ash Mufareh said, “Your life is going to get better.” 

Go online into Youtube.com and search for "Onpassive". Or type in your browser: Onpassive.com. Check it to get a feel of it, and why people join and are excited about it, even before launching to the public. 

There are three keys that this company is different. They are what the company will do for you and your business, not what you will do for the company. It is important to note that distinction.

1. It is self-funding, meaning that you pay once (maybe few more as needed) and the business will generate enough fund to sustain itself (your cost) as it grows. And as the income grows, you are automatically promoted to the next level in the compensation plan. 

2. The 3x10 Matrix system (MLM) will force everyone to be successful. 

3. The company will drive traffic/visitors for you, founders/customers. This is what other companies never do. However, you can also share or recruit to help build your team/business faster and cut the time frame of your success.

Below here are LINKS I want to invite you to check them out. Time is all the essence. You will be glad that you take time to check it out.  You may want to copy the link and past it to your internet browser to see it.

Most Recent Shared Youtube:



A review by third party: https://onlinewealthchronicle.com/gofounders-review/

My Invitation for you to join: https://gofounders.net/registration/50753

Why should you join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao5FWTMjamc

Compensation Plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3LVqs1vsDM 
Presentation: https://d1iy5wifs53qnq.cloudfront.net/21th%20Feb%20Scott%20Video.mp4 

Now over 64k people had joined as founders in over 200 countries, and the number is increasing by the hundred daily, soon to be in the thousand daily. It is a global company from the start.

Onpassive is truly a company that will change your life forever.  This company has given me and my husband hope and dream again. If you plan for 100% success rate, this is the only company you will have a chance. Please let me know if you have any question or need additional information. I hope you can be a team. Thank you for reading this long message, and for checking. 

Best regard for your success,

Tabatha Y

This article was published on 13.03.2020 by Tabatha Yang
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OnPassive - Network Marketing, 97 USD to join

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