Do you currently make money while you sleep

Seems like a bit of a strange questions, doesn't it?

I guess to a certain extent we're all making money while we sleep, we all get nominal interest on our savings accounts through the bank.

It doesn't ever really amount too much.

Would you like to be able to generate a considerable amount of money while you slept,  i know i did, and thankfully, i currently am.

You see we all would like some extra cash, we've seen how volatile the markets have been recently with exchange rates crashing, inflation rising, and let's be honest here....  whose wallet isn't a little bit leaner after the December holidays? 

The beauty about a passive income is that it works and generates money while you are not even focussing on it.  Well that is of course if you have a full sales funnel in place and auto responders already set up.

Our Business in a box solution provides all of that.

Full video tutorials to get set up on all of the platforms, training videos, support skype/facebook groups, literally anything you can think of related to a passive income opportunity and mlm system is included. 4 really cool streams to generate a passive income (3 x bitcoin mining platforms) & (1 x web lead generation service), once we acquire the wealth, we protect it!  HOW you may ask, well quite simply through investing gold.

Compare what you could buy with $100 50 years ago compared to now.

Now do the same calculation with an ounce of gold.

It really is a no brainer.

If you are looking to get into a SERIOUS business opportunity that requires minimal effort in setting up and maintaining, we can help you with that, our team is growing at a rapid pace.  Currently our bitcoin mining platforms are going through the roof.  I've said this in several of my previous posts.  WE ARE PRINTING MONEY, the only decision you need to make is, do you want to compound it or draw it out and treat yourself? 

We've helped thousands of people become successful, and we could do the same for you.

So what stopping you from being successful?  Is it fear or procrastination?

If you have any personal questions, you can reach me at

This article was published on 12.01.2016 by John Deane
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