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Hai, This is Chaith.

        I have been a successful Bitcoin Investor. And Recently, I have joined in a 6 level peer to peer donation program. We may have seen may other investment programs and referral markets. But, The one i am introducing is quite unique. Because, here we cannot have unlimited referrals. Only 2 per person. So, It requires team work. So, If you have 3 prospects, You have add the extra one to the below downline and the chain goes upto 6 levels. The best part is we can help each other to make a successful upgradation of the system. The website only uses bitcoin. So, it is important that we must understand the trending growth of Bitcoin. The MLM goes like this.

You will start with 0.03 BTC and will be given Zero level.

Once you bring 2 referrals, you will receive 0.06 BTC (100% referral commission). No admin or maintenance fee. So, If you want , you can payout at 0.06 BTC, IF you want to reach higher levels. You have to upgrade your account with 0.05 BTC ( 0.06 - 0.05 = 0.01BTC) will be your profit. So, your downline will do the same process. They will have 2 referrals each and you will be paid for them too. The chain continues till 6 levels. So, it requires a team to help each other getting them referrals, helping them understand the importance of bitcoin and upgradation of accounts to reach higher levels. So, Once you reach  Level 6, you will receive 126 BTC which is quite a huge amount. Because, what we invest here is 0.03 BTC. Once we reach higher levels, we will be like a bitcoin millionaire and it can be a huge amount in the coming months and years, as we have been watching how the bitcoin price has been raising in these months. So, It was like a bitcoin Revolution. What are you waiting for, We may be wasting more dollars for unwanted investments or pay per do things. Why not investing in a working method?

So, with an invest of 0.03 BTC, we have an opportunity to make it 126 BTC within a few months. If we have huge mlm referrals, we can do it in no time too. So, I invite members to understand the above announcement and who are interested to work with me can send their requests to me. Waiting for your responses.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the procedure. I will give more instructions to the people, who has an interest in this opportunity. So, Dont miss the offer. Start with 0.03 BTC and try to get 126BTC within next month. Waiting for your replies...
This article was published on 16.12.2016 by Sai Chaitanya
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Chai Team - Bitcoin Revolution, 27 USD to join

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