There is good underneath every single thing

I am a very positive person by nature and I know that there is good everywhere, when things appear to be negative, there is always good beneath. If you know that all there is, is good including in all negative situations, then you can turn a negative situation into something good as I did three years ago when I was made redundant, also losing my pension as well. but that's all in a previous announcement, I never revisit the past because I truly believe every new day is a new beginning. Just by chance, I was travelling home from yet another interview that clearly wasn't going anywhere, at sixty years old you are either overqualified or too old, I stopped in our village shop to pick up a newspaper mainly for the classified ads, i.e Jobs section, when I saw an advert saying you are never too old to start saving, me, I thought, saving, how can I save now at my age, no job, no pension, a bit of redundancy money I had to live on and still pay my mortgage, anyway I carried on reading and at the bottom of the ad there was a URL link to a video.

That fifteen-minute video changed my life, out of all my forty-five years of working, It took a fifteen-minute video to actually change my life. After the video, there was a link at the bottom for me to click on and register for my free savings account, which I had done, It was all in simple steps, Next, I had to upload some KYC documents It stands for 'know your customer', which was simple enough, proof of address etc, so you are who you say you are, next, before I knew it I had my confirmation email.

My phone received a message from someone that I had never met before Called Dennis, asking me if I had any questions, and to tell me a bit more about the company, Obviously, I said yes. Dennis explained the company was eleven years old and based in Stuttgart in Germany, Making it easy for the average person to be able to save in gold, that I can start saving for just five euros per week/month whatever I can afford the choice was mine, 0.01 gramme of gold for the price of a Costa coffee, also that I could open what was like pandoras box if I purchased a business package from 'one hundred and fifty Euros',' To ten thousand Euros', again whatever I could afford. I purchased the 150 euro package and with that came 150 euros worth of gold-backed cryptocurrency for free, how good was that.

With the profit package, I now share the video with everybody I meet, online, coffee shops, anybody over the age of eighteen, that wants to open a free gold savings account, save in small amounts of gold, share the opportunity and get paid for it, Save and get paid. The video has been upgraded now a few minutes longer even more life-changing now. If you would like to see the video that changed my life CLICK HERE then one day we can become friends.
This article was published on 13.08.2019 by Barry Hake
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