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Setting Up For Success and What Is Your Inner Wisdom

There's nothing better than setting and following certain morning rituals in the quest to achieve a better work-life balance. 

Setting yourself up each day in a beneficial way significantly impacts productivity and motivation to continue the day similarly.

The key to morning rituals is to make them SIMPLE. Simple and realistic to your lifestyle, environment, and unique circumstances. 

It could be a morning run, a yoga practice, a meditation session, or even something as simple as taking the time to write a daily affirmation, sticking it to your mirror, or preparing and drinking a cup of your favorite tea. 

Whatever it is, committing to a ritual like this in the morning will hugely impact how the rest of your day unfolds.

Taking time for yourself in this way before tackling any work responsibilities ensures you can do so from a place of more grounded awareness and self-assured capability. 

The self has been attended to; your cup has been filled - now you can move forward to pour from it.

What fills your cup?

"You can't pour from an empty cup - take care of yourself first."

Consider this. What is your inner wisdom? It may be harder to tap into our inner wisdom because of the omnipresent devices that steal our precious seconds. Unplug these devices so people can reconnect with themselves.  

Unplugging' is a must for people of all spheres - especially those working in tech or online businesses. Why? Studies have proven that the more screen-time we get, the less capable and engaged we are at participating in everyday life. 

Here are 4 Benefits of Less Screen Time: 

#1. reduced eye strain  

#2. prevention of headaches. 

#3. improves sleep. 

#4. increases focus.

These benefits are suitable for working adults. But what about children. I don't know many children that are not in a device.  

Here are 4 problems associated with too much screen times for children (, Healthy Lifestyles/Children's Health/Screen time and children)  

#1. obesity

#2. behavioral

#3. less playtime 

Anyone can benefit from unplugging, adults, and more so, children. And by unplugging, everyone concerned will see their work and life improve. Find a work-life balance by unplugging, and see your work AND your life improve.

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for several minutes - including you." 

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This article was published on 21.12.2020 by Mark A. Thomas
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