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NouvelleHEALTH, Inc. is a 15 year old networking company who has just completed restructuring itself in order to launch it's new, ground-breaking, cutting edge, patent-pending weight loss product, MetaRx.  We are looking for experienced, motivated MlM operators that are interested in a ground floor opportunity to help us develop and the Marketing and Distribution system for this brand new and totally unique weight loss product. Ownership and options are available for motivated Distributors with the necessary skill sets.

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MetaRx --  MetaRx is a simple, but revolutionary formula, so new that it can be found no where else but Nouvelle Health.

Smooth and clean, non-jittery energy, improved sense of well-being, and safe fast weight loss with Nouvelle Health's new and exclusive MetaRx.  Created by Dr. Les Griffith initially as a prescription product.  Dr. Griffith then converted MetaRx so that it can be marketed as a MLM over-the-counter product that has the same result and effectiveness as the prescription product.

MetaRx works by increasing Thermogenesis and stimulating Energy production in the Mitochondria (the energy producing agents in every cell, tissue, and organ) by as much as 130%.  And further, by making the burning of stored fat one of the Mitochondria's preferred fuel sources.  MetaRx can turn you into a more efficient fat-burning machine, and all without giving you the jitters, raising your blood pressure, giving you heart palpitations or keeping you awake at night.

Dr. Griffith recommends that rather than taking MetaRx by itself that you combine taking it with an oil based product such as Omega3 fish oil or other oil based product.  He has also provided a Modified Fast diet for individuals that feel that they are not losing weight fast enough.  MetaRx works by increasing the energy production in the Mitochondria and making changes so that your cells ae burning instead of storing it.  Since MetaRx works on a cellular level it will work for everyone. Each individual is different and for some it takes a little longer before they start seeing their weight began to drop.  For those individuals, we recommend  Dr. Griffith's Modified Fast diet to increase and speed up the weight loss process.

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Dr. Griffith, Nouvelle Health CEO and Medical Director, has created an exceptional line of natural health products.  Product categories include Weight Loss, Bone Health, Heart Health, Male Health, Female Health, Foundation Wellness, and many more.  Nouvelle Health Distributors have MetaRx as a featured product that creates interest and usually results in easy sales and down-line building.  Weight issues are the number one problem  in our culture.  MetaRx can solve this problem.  Nouvelle Health's wide variety of products allow Nouvelle Health Distributors the opportunity to help their  customers with a variety of natural health issues.

This article was published on 29.11.2016 by Gene Pankratz
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