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Saving A Child And Make $10,000 Monthly! Live Calls Everyday! Will You Help Us…

Saving A Child And Make $10,000 Monthly! Live Calls Everyday! Will You Help Us SAVE A CHILD? 

Earn $10,000 Saving A Child Worldwide! Live Calls Daily! 


Live Web Seminar Everyday!

Help Save A Child From Sex Trafficking! Listen live daily web seminar! For more information and questions! Or 

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Have you Seen Sound Of Freedom Movie? God's children are not for Sale!…

So here we are Saving a Child for only $10 a month and making Money to help Save Lives! 

NOTE: $10 & 10 Minutes Could Rescue A Child and at the same time Give You Financial Freedom! 


Save A Child has priceless goal to saving many MILLIONS of children lives around the World help Save a child 

today and get PAID! 

Doesn’t matter if you have your Main Programs EVERYONE need to be a part of this! 

We already have pastors,doctors, professionals people on board we need everyone help! 

The more you Earn the more We Give! 

Go here to Register Now! 

As Hundreds around the Globe are joining FAST! 

EARN $10,000 MONTHLY WORLDWIDE Saving A Child! 

Live Zoom Calls Everyday! 

So here we are Saving a Child for $10 a month and making Money to help Save Lives! Go here to Register Now! 

Seen the Movie SOUND OF FREEDOM? savingAchild has priceless goal to saving many millions of children lives 

help Save a child today...

EARN $10,000 MONTHLY Saving A Child! Zoom Calls Everyday! See how you can help and get Paid 


July 4th 2023 the movie, SOUND OF FREEDOM Movie was released in almost 3000 theaters and will go down in history for exposing the most evil criminal business enterprise in the history of mankind... the trafficking of children, teens, and adults for sex, organ harvesting, and slavery! 

Get on the Zoom Presentation Call so you can understand what we are doing to help children and get Paid at the same time! We have Pastors and Professional People Involved and we would like you to join us also…

God's Children are NOT for Sale How You can Rescue a Child...

Never has a $10 gift been turned into $1,000,000 for a purpose more noble than Rescuing a Child from the heartless and horrible child cartels.

Tell three other people to do the same

It all Starts by Registering at and making a simple $10

commitment like thousands of others. 

*Remember Firemen make money to Save Lives

*Doctors and Nurses make money to Save lives

*Soldiers make money to Save Lives 

So here we are Saving the Children for $10 a month and making Money to help Save

Save A Child & Get PAID! 

Is Throughly Explained

Everyday 11AM & 9PM

Would love if you let me know if you made it to the call Only People Who Are SERIOUS should get on the Call-

Stay safe be blessed see you on the Inside

This article was published on 08.08.2023 by Marcia Daley
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