Secrets To Building A MLM Team and Income

So you have a MLM business, and you want to make a career in the industry.

How are you going to do this?

In this article I want to give you a couple of resources that will not only help you speed up the process of building a MLM team, but bring you a lot more income from doing what you already are doing.


You already understand there are some things you just have to have to build a MLM team.

These things are as follows:

1.  Traffic - you need people learning about you

2. Prospects - you need people who are "open" to taking a look at your business

3. Commissions - you need money coming in to pay for the costs of advertising and increasing your income

4. Email List - you need an email list that is responsive for building success, a team, and earning those extra commissions from people who do not join your team

5. Landing Pages - you have to have a way to generate leads, and create new prospects who show interest

Those who try to "avoid" or go around these facts, will find themselves struggling to build that dream MLM team.

This is why I want to show you the most easy way to get these resources, and show you how they will help you build much faster.



Let's start with how you will get more traffic, begin building your list, and make a few side commissions as well. Plus, have a way to earn money simply from using it, seriously.

Using a program called "LeadsLeap" I am able to generate a nice profit every month, get new leads, and continue growing my daily profits. 

Here are some reasons to add the LeadsLeap program to your online efforts:

The Income

1. Earn Daily Commissions - Rev Shares of 5% (10% for pro members)

2. Earn Weekly Commissions - Rev Shares of 15% (30% for pro members)

3. Earn Referral Commissions - Earn Commissions of 25% (50% for pro members)

4. Credit Encashments - Earn Commissions From Unused Credits By Selling Them Back To LeadsLeap

The Tools

Using LeadsLeap will give you tools for helping you build your MLM team. Using it for these resources alone can make even the Pro-Membership valuable:

1. Real Tracker - you need to track where your traffic comes from, if it's true traffic, and learn their behavior when they visit your websites.

2. The Ad Bar - You can place a pre-sell bar across the top of any page before they see your content. This is great for getting visitors to do certain activities you want them to.

3. LeadsLeap Widget - A "Google Adsense" type tool that will help you earn money from the people who visit your blog or blogs, and websites. The more places you put it, the more money you make.

4. Advertising - LeadsLeap will have your ad placed on all the places where the widget is at. You will average as of now, about 10-20 new visitors a week. Pro-Members average 25-50 new visitors each week. These are real visitors, real people, who are actually interested or have shown interest in you.


In my honest opinion, yes.

However, you can be a free member and see value in not paying anything.

Pro-Members pay less than $20 a month (I earn $100+) so in time you can get more money, traffic, signups, leads, and more everything for a little tiny investment.

You decide which is best for you, and go with it.

REGISTER HERE FOR LEADSLEAP and create your first ad!



Now resource #2 is one that every MLM business owner can use.

I am recommending this because it is the most easy system to afford, yet brings massive value and commissions to all.

It is called the "MLM Recruit On Demand System" and it is just what it is called.

There are 3 levels to chose from, and I will cover the benefits to help you see the value.

P1 Level: This is the basic system, where everyone begins.

For $15 one time fee you receive:

1. 100 genealogy leads

2. 100 biz opp leads

3. Free Autoresponder from response magic

4. Contact manager for keeping records on your prospects

5. Landing Pages for generating your own leads

6. 5 free leads for every 1 lead you generate

7. 100% commission ($15) for each P1 referral you get to the system

8. Free leads (batches of 100) each time you have worked all your leads and need more (no cost, leads for life)

The P2 Level:

Here is what I use, and highly recommend. P2 is super effective and you get the full benefits of the system.

For a one time fee of $125 you get:

1. Everything in the P1 level as you already have became P1

2. 200 more leads auto dropped into your contact manager

3. Receive leads faster, and more per day when requesting new leads

4. Receive $100 commission for each P2 level you recommend (plus 100% commission on all P1s)

5. Receive $100 commissions for any of your referrals referral's who upgrade to P2 if your referral did not upgrade. (anyone who is not at P2 will not receive the $100 for a referred P2, it is passed up to the next P2)

Since most prospects will NOT join your MLM, they do however purchase this system to build their own MLM. This is why you need P2 if you are going to work the prospects, because the commissions will pay you back time and time again while you build your team.

P3 Level:

The highest level, and is $97 monthly

1. All of P1 and P2 benefits

2. Receive 3 -5 incoming calls daily. Now the system gets people calling you instead of you calling them.



Using both of these resources you will see how you can build a fast MLM business.

You can promote MLM Recruit On Demand with LeadsLeap as well and develop prospects for commissions, and some of those become team members.

The best plan is always to promote tools that build MLM businesses, and signup people from those tools into your MLM business.

Best of luck, and much success to you!

P.S Be sure to send me a connection request here on MLMGateway - I accept all requests!

P.S.S - Visit my website to get your free gift "20 ways to generate leads" and private invites to mastermind weekly webinars with 6, 7 and even 8 figure earners!

This article was published on 17.07.2016 by Jaye Carden
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