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Tripdelivers and Triprides Just Launched in Massive Business Market

Tripdelivers/Triprides just launched with its platform and two free Apps. After many months of development, and a lot of trials and tribulations, TripNation has indeed launched in the US (although membership is available in 7 additional countries as well). There are many aspects to this startup. It runs on an entirely different business model from the current rideshare and food delivery companies, who are doing billions of dollars of business as we speak. That is our competition.

1) Highest quality, advanced Apps (Rider and Driver), both FREE to download, that set a new standard since the entire business can be transacted via App right on your cellphone. Recommend that you join the Rider (Customer) App first in order to possess a company back office whereby to research details in full. Join here:

2) Exceptional business venture for anyone who devotes a little effort, and the market is vast. For instance, a FREE Rider/Customer can refer another Customer to the App, and earn $.40 forever on any food delivery or rideshare that they request from the App. Likewise, refer a Restaurant and you will earn (in addition to 30% modest restaurant startup charge) $.40 on each and every delivery of that restaurant, no matter which Driver  makes the delivery. 

3) Interested in being a Driver for Restaurant, Grocery Store or Rideshare? Become a Side-Hustle driver and after monthly subion of $39.99, you can make 75 deliveries/rides and earn 100% of the fares and tips. Other competitors, you know them, regularly take 30% from all fares of drivers. For $99.99 per month subion fee, you have unlimited driving and keep 100% of fares and tips.

4) A full-time Driver who refers a Driver will earn 50% of his or her monthly subion fee.

5) Ways to earn stock options (some Members own options already) towards the future when the company goes public.

6) You can basically drive FREE for a month and then pay the subion fee. Basically, you can try out the system and earn before a subion charge. Out of respect for the military, those who have served can drive for three months absolutely free. And, remember, you can continue with your current rideshare company if you are already driving; no forced transfer to our company. Also, we operate month-to-month, so you are not forced into any kind of long-term commitment.

7) Tripdelivers will save restaurants 30% on the amounts that they pay to other food delivery companies, and that is why restaurant owner will welcome us. And, restaurants can refer their fellow restaurant owners and be rewarded. 

8) Cost, then, to the customers in their homes ordering delivery will therefore be significant less, saving customers money. We do not change prices on restaurants' menus.

In summary, Tripdeliver/Triprides is at the right place at the right time, and we will be sought after. You can be part of this startup's growth. We have 116,000 Members but we seek 5,000,000+

Here is a 50-minute recent teleconference from the creator of Trip, mainly answering questions sent in to him by current Members, details about the company and it's new back office platform:

Join us FREE and proceed with your due diligence. Trip is entirely transparent. Training and support provided to you, since I am a Legacy Driver and have been with company for 1 1/4 years, following each move and development. Goal would be your success, as long as you are eager to put in some effort.

This article was published on 17.08.2020 by Richard Byquist
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John Tackett Sound like a great concept, are you in the Pacific NW, USA?  8 days ago
Cynthia Jones I like this new concept --great savings  1 year ago

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