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The home-based businesses of today are not only an enormous subject area, but they are the fastest growing business segments. Some thirty-forty years ago, home-based businesses weren’t taken seriously. But in today’s economy, home businesses are highly acknowledged and respected. Additionally, as the home-based business industry continues to grow each year, regardless of the economies state, I believe that home-based businesses will continue to multiply and flourish. I also believe that in the next thirty-fifty years, home businesses will become the ideal, industry demand business in our culture.

In today’s financial system, I find that more and more people are searching for permanent work from home opportunities, so they can leave their boring, unfulfilling, nine to five jobs behind. And according to statistics, many people feel that working from home, either part-time or full-time can be an alluring alternative for them; whether they’re seeking a new career change or just to make extra cash on the side. Other important reasons why many people are looking for these types of opportunities are, to have more free time to spend with their families, to not have to commute back and forth to work every day, to obtain a more comfortable environment to work in and to have less stress in their lives.

Well, who hasn’t dreamed of working from home? Think, just the thought of opening and operating a home-based business of your own and being your own boss? As more people consider the idea of working at home, many of them may dream about running a home-based business, but only a handful of people will actually take the initiative to seek out a home business.

However, the important question is, if many people dream of starting a home business, then why are statistics extremely low for home business startups? My opinion is that people who do consider starting a home business and don’t, they give all types of explanations why they’re unable to do so, and they say it’s mainly due to a variety of justifications such as, they can’t take the chance right now to start a business because they’re too busy supporting a family, or they don’t have the money to start a business, or they don’t know how to begin starting a home business, and numerous other excuses. But out of all the excuses people come up with about why they didn’t or couldn’t start a home business, I believe the key reason is mainly that of their fears, their fear of failure, of being ridiculed and humiliated.

Starting a home-based business is like starting any other business. It requires a large amount of planning and personal commitment. You'll have to plan out your strategy, work out all the little details, and then put in the work to make it happen.

Fortunately, by using your home to open and operate a home-based business, you’re now eligible to claim part of your home as a business expense for tax purposes. In so doing, you are now entitled to certain tax exemptions. This helps you to avoid additional expenses associated with a classic business, such as renting commercial space and meeting certain permit requirements. 

Nonetheless, in today’s society, when it comes to opening and operating a home-based business, there are many successful home businesses that are running from the “comforts of home.”

This article was published on 07.04.2018 by Sharon Mccorkle
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