The 4 Steps To Achieve Your Goals...

Yesterday I published a business announcement called "4 Goals and 4 Steps To Achieve Them..."

I guess I should have shortened the name to just "4 Goals" because I didn't address any of the "4 Steps"... that's today's discussion.

As we discussed previously, your online business goals can all be summarized by one of the following:

1 - Make More Money

2 - Debt Freedom

3 - Save More Money

4 - Time Freedom

I also encouraged you to write down your business goals.

As a goal-writing exercise, I was just challenged to write down how I'd spend $20k per month for 12 months straight.

It's tougher than you think! You can't do anything to invest any of the money... you have to spend it!

You try it!

The 4 Steps To Success

Back to our discussion, once your goals are established, it's time to figure out how to achieve them... right?

As a member of MLM Gateway you are more than likely working an online, network marketing based business. So, youv'e already got the vehicle... you just need to put it in gear and go!

So here are the 4 Steps, based on an MLM business model:

1 - Get Started in Business

If you don't have one, you can get into the $8 trillion dollar per year Travel Industry with me for $20 (see below). But, whatever business opportunity you have chosen to join... GET STARTED! TAKE ACTION! You'll NEVER achieve any of your goals with wishful thinking!

2 - Get Trained

And I'm NOT talking about old school MLM training... learn to market online! If your upline can't provide that type of business training, plug into my team as an additional income stream, and learn from me!

3 - Find 2 More People

...or whatever is required by your business opportunity. My 20 Dollar Travel Biz is based on a 2X10 Matrix... so all you need is 2 personals! Your program may be different.

4 - Duplicate

Train your people and help them get 2 or more people, and so on... and so on. Duplication is the key! Simple!... but NOT easy! It takes consistency, and perseverance! It's NOT "Get Rich Quick!"... NO SUCH THING!

So that's the whole business plan in a nutshell... it doesn't matter what your chosen opportunity, MLM is MLM!

Get Started!

Submitted by Greg Ray

My 20 Dollar Travel Biz


Looking for a new business opportunity... or a second income stream to work along side your primary offer? Here's my suggestion... only $20 to get started!

My 20 Dollar Travel Biz

My 20 Dollar Travel Biz

This article was published on 16.07.2019 by Greg Ray
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My 20 Dollar Business - Travel and Savings, 1 USD to join

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