To be the pioneers of Cloud Base Applications and E-commerce Market in Asia

Here is a brief introduction website of this company

Are you ready for the new Philippine market?( by ceo of interush)

Our Company has very successful cooperation with Apple, Google, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche ,as the example video link below.

( Interush is the main sponsor of Aston Martin Craft Bamboo in 2014)

This is an Internet Company marketed through Affiliates in USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan , Singapore and Philippine ( open in May.2016).

We are looking for internet platform users to help our Company.

It is easy to operate. We just need to continue our current use of those platforms, such as facebook, google, etc.

When we use facebook, yahoo and google, we are helping them to earn from advertisements.

For our Company, the early users will be given 50% of the Company's global advertisement profit.

The Company needs users to use those websites and cloud-based products that the Company already owns.

Through the Company's bonus system, users can earn good money from $33 US , $66 to hundreds, thousands or even ten thousands of US dollars per month.

The Main Product of our internte platform-IRIS Application Suite

IRIS application suite is cheap?~

There are 12 applications in IRIS suite now. An IRIS suite is a unit of business. The affiliates who join now are not only consumers but also can get the global sharing profit , built up the database or team to have passive income system. Each application is also valuable. For example, 2TB online storage can be charged more than 4000 pesos a month, a professional online meeting can have a 5000 pesos subscription in market. If we don’t use them frequently now , it is okay. Cause anyone in the world use it we also can share the profit. Remember, the cloud base application service is the trend, we will all rely on them more and more. Learning it from now is good for us. The functions of the applications will keep improving but the fee won’t go any higher. We can enjoy more and more service and also share the global feedback at the same time cause we are the early users, not normal consumers.

E-Commerce products will be promoted by affiliates through the unique cloud -base system , we don't have to sell, and there will be more strategies and platforms for affiliates to earn from E-Commerce, let us expect for it.

If you are interested to find out more, we would be most willing to clarify any questions that you might have.

Please do leave your name , e-mail, and contact number so that I can arrange an appointment for you.

(At Taiwan, Singapore or Philippines)

Sincerely Emily (My FB-

This article was published on 28.04.2016 by Emily Su
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