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There is no business more profitable than one which caters to the masses.  Who are the 'masses'? Well, that would be those whose support or lack thereof can make or break a business.   Get Snatched by Andrea is just that type of business!  It caters to the majority of consumers (women), it solves a problem or two.....or three that most women deal with--weight and self-esteem AND it is a very relevant and easy sell product(s) with a payment structure like none other in the MLM industry!  Let's just say what most MLM's pay you in a month, we easily make that in a week; and that IS typical results.  

We do not make claims of what it will do for you.  WE work hard and we work consistently...and the product pays us well!  We don't know how you work so your results could be different.  We can tell you if you put in the work your bank account will burst at the seams!  We cannot tell you what it will do for your body, but we can tell you what it does and has done for ours.  As a matter of fact, we can SHOW you!  Proof is in the real life, real people, before and after pictures.  Proof is in the many many testimonies that thousands in our Facebook Group can attest to and the proof is in me.   I am feeling like my old energetic self again.  I do not have to stick with the resolve I had about being happy regardless of my weight.  No.  I am happy with my weight and even happier with how much healthier I am.    You can be, too! 

I am a woman, middle-age, experiencing what many my age experience.  I am old enough to stay home and live off of what I 'earned' in benefits while working my 9 to 5.  I could do that and be comfortable but I am also a determined individual who loves to try new things, loves helping people and I love learning!  Over 50 and trying out one of the toughest career streams there are: MLM.   So, of course, I am not experienced.  However, my age affords me one thing---wisdom.  I am wise enough (if I do say so myself) to choose products, coaches, and teams that know more than I know, have proven methods, and bank accounts to prove their worth.  Follow me and see what I chose.  It's not your typical MLM, I promise you ---It's different here! 

This is my website with all of the natural plant-based products plus our Signature waist snatcher the Bye Bye Belly Juice -

This article was published on 26.01.2022 by Andrea Edwards
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Bye Bye Belly - Organic Juices, 125 USD to join

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