How To Create Business Announcements On MLM Gateway That Make You Money


It's not a rocket science, but takes a special formula.

That is a business announcement on MLM Gateway, that actually generates income for you.

Now, the is no direct way a business announcement will make you money unless you ad a charity link in it.

But there is a lot of ways to use the business announcements on MLM Gateway, to create money from other steams.

So today, we are focused on how to create business announcements on MLM Gateway that will make you money.

First, They Must Open It Up To Read It

Miss this part, no luck getting results from your work.

How do we get people to open up and read our announcements when there are so many to compete with?

Simple, be different then everyone else.

Put more focus on what the reader needs and desires, then what you want the reader to do for you.

Of course, you want to make money from the reader (yea I want your money, it's no sin) - but they must want to buy something from you.

So to get people reading your announcement, focus on their needs, and help them get what they want.

Basic idea is, write announcements that help with something, not sell anything.

Then give the title a good explanation of the benefit the reader will get, and they will open your announcements and read them.

The Content

Now the content needs to help with what your title told the reader they will get.

If you deliver on this end, you are actually getting people reading your content.

You are promoting some of the same offers others here on MLM Gateway are, so if someone sees an offer they like, it needs to be from you first to get the commission or signup.

So deliver the best quality content on your business announcement, and give it a good title.

Get this part right, you have a shot at earning money.

How Do We Make Money From It?

Now that you have a good title, and great content, you can get set up for a sale.

Believe it or not, you don't even have to mention any offers in your content to get a sale from it.

I've made several commissions from simply getting people to my blog, from reading my announcements.

But let's use the content here for the example.

There are a few ways to get a sale from a business announcement if you got the right content setup like explained above.

Here are some ways to do so:

#1. Related Anchor Texts

If you are doing your best to deliver the most valuable content you possibly can, then you can always use anchor texts in the content, that leads to an offer related to your content. 

An example would be an announcement on how to "track" your traffic.

Teaching someone why, and how to keep up with where the best traffic comes from, you could include a link to a tool or resource to help with this issue.

I have one, but I will only use 2 links in this announcement, so if interested, just comment below and I'll send you a free tracker that works amazingly (see how it's done?)

#2: The P.S Line

After using the tracker mentioned above, I learned that many of my signups, and commissions, actually do come from the "P.S line" I add at the bottom of all my business announcements on MLM Gateway.

Start using these P.S lines, or something similar.

When people actually read the content, the P.S line can, or doesn't have to be, related to the actual content.

So when people come to read about tracking clicks, they may see the P.S line on something non-related but actually is something they would be open to looking at.

Start using them and see where it goes.

#3. Promoting Your Announcements

Just because you write an announcement on MLM Gateway, means it has to stay here.

You can promote your announcements heavily online at other platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc.

Start sharing your announcements on other platforms that will attract people from those areas.

You can pull in outside members from this technique, and get MLM Gateway referrals.

MLM Gateway referrals, that come from a business announcement seen on Facebook, is another way to make money from your business announcements if they purchase credits (had a MLM Gateway commission today, they are just as nice as the others)

Don't Have A Blog?

If you don't have your own blog, the MLM Gateway business announcement can easily serve as a source for your content.

A good idea, is to share your business announcements with groups on other social platforms.

Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin have groups in which you can join, and promote offers there through the MLM Gateway business announcement.

Join groups related to what you are promoting, and promote your business announcements in these groups.

Like above, it leads to more MLM Gateway referral commissions, and also it can get a lot more people reading about what you offer.

If you pick the right groups, it possibly leads to sales.

Don't Forget About The Credits

Writing business announcements on MLM Gateway, gets you more credits.

With those credits, you can connect with more people, that leads to finding new team members.

Or run ads with them, getting you new leads and sales.

However, run ads with the same mindset as writing the announcements.

Make the ad like the formula mentioned above, it generates sales.

Another indirect way writing business announcements on MLM Gateway can make you money.

Did This Help?

Writing business announcements on MLM Gateway has made me money several times.

Hopefully, it will for you too after seeing this.

If you got some value form this, please leave a comment below and let me know.

Also, if you want the free tracker, let me know in a comment or message here on MLM Gateway.

Don't forget as well, I will build you a downline if you'd like, and you can take a free tour of how I do this here.

Once you see how powerful it is to write business announcements through this tour you take, you will see a new way of creating income online.

Lastly, don't forget to connect with me here on MLM Gateway! I look forward to sharing more value with you once we get connected!

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This article was published on 24.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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