10 Benefits Of Using MLM Gateway


Since you are most likely a member here at MLM Gateway, I want to share a few benefits this platform offers.

Also, a look into why you should be using MLM Gateway on a daily basis.

From my own experience, MLM Gateway is a platform that has been profitable to invest in, advertising that converts amazingly, and several benefits I want to share with you in this business announcement.

#1 Connections

This particular benefit is on all platforms that have a social presence. But with MLM Gateway, you only connect with people who have the same mindset as you, and have a love for MLM. This saves a lot of time, unlike major social media sites that have all kinds of people on them.

#2 Business Announcements

By utilizing the business announcement correctly, you are able to present content in front of like minded people. People who are targeted for your content scroll over everyday, so be sure to write good content that those type people would want to read.

#3 Bumping Content

Have a business announcement that got a lot of leads and attention? With this platform, you can bump it back to the top for more people to see. If it did good the first time, it most likely will do it again when new people scroll across it.

#4 Inbox Alerts

Every time you write a new business announcement, all of your connections get an email letting them know about it. This is a sup powerful benefit to MLM Gateway, so write a lot of announcements, and connect with lots of people to get the best results.

#5 Advertising

MLM Gateway has a very powerful advertising platform. If you use it correctly, you can sometimes even make more money than you spend on the ad (if you paid for the credits). Plus, I've personally seen several commissions and even business partners in my primary business, from using their advertising platform.

#6 Leads

The "Leads" feature is one that can be tricky, but really helps a lot when it is working. People can directly contact you when they want to join you. Usually if you write a good announcement, or run a good ad, you will get a few leads from this feature. Some will abuse it and try to flip you, so that is a downside sometimes.

#7 Featured Professional

If you purchase the upgraded membership with MLM Gateway, you become a featured professional. This will get your profile shown on the home page to many people, and included on the list unlike free memberships.

#8 Featured Member Of The Day

For a lot of credits, you can have your profile on the home page all day long. Now, make sure you have a profile that can capture leads and attract people to you before you do this. Just being a FMOTD will not get you any where. You must have a complete profile, and an offer of some type before you do this, or you may see nothing from it.

#9 Dashboard

If you make a post on the dashboard, you can include a link into it. Many people see it (dashboard), at least once. And it does move fast as new people signup; however, it also puts your dashboard posts onto your profile which can be used as lead magnets and other resources.

#10 Backlinking

Do you have a blog or another platform you like to write content on? One of the best benefits to using this platform is backlinking business announcements. Anytime I write a new blog post, I will write a 2nd article here on MLM Gateway, and backlink the business announcement. This not only gets traffic to my business announcement from people who are not MLM Gateway members, but also pushes my blog post higher in the search engines. Let those who understand this benefit see great rewards. 

Did This Help?

If this gave you some ideas, or insight on how to get more from MLM Gateway, be sure to send me over a connection request, and leave a comment below!

P.S If you want to be part of a MLM business where you are getting new people added to your team frequently, now is your chance. This team is building fast and all of what I am building will below to you as well as myself. Take a free tour and let me prove it to you!

This article was published on 29.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
Member comments:

Jaye Carden You're welcome Lucky! Glad you got value from it!  1 year ago
Lucky Favour Thank you, very informative  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks for the comments guys! I appreciate you both for coming by!  1 year ago
Gomer Magtibay Wow, these are honest revelations of this system! Thanks for sharing, Jaye.  1 year ago
Eric Block Thank you. Very informative.   1 year ago

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