Stop Chasing Friends & Family.....

So you think you have the best produce or service on the internet. Right? Now you want to tell everyone about it. Right? You start calling all your family members and instead of them being grateful that you thought of them, they tell you your crazy. What a let down. Right? Who needs them anyway, you will just go to all those friends of yours, you know they will appreciate your generosity and be as excited as you are with this particular opportunity you can't wait to share with them. What a surprise???? They act like they don't even want to hear anything that you have to tell them. Right?

Time to reevaluate those so called friends. Guess they will be sorry when you make it big and they didn't listen to you. Well, there is still the global internet, surly it will be easy to get a multitude of people on the web who are just dying to try what you have to offer. How hard can that be. Right? So you start off flooding the net with all kinds of classified ads. You're sure that will get a lot of leads. Next, since you have heard so much about advertising on social media, you are off to post, post, post, and post some more.

Now, it's time to sit back and just wait for the masses to start overwhelming you with demands  to join you in your wonderful system. So, you wait, and wait and wait. Right? There must be something wrong with your computer. Maybe Russia hacked your ads. Maybe there is a global satellite blackout. You just can't figure out what's going on, after all you did everything you should be doing. Right?

Wrong. People don't want to hear about what you have to offer, they are bombarded day and night with pushy sales people on the internet. What people really want is very easy, if you just think about it. What they want are relationships, people they can trust, and those who deliver solutions to their problems.

Once you move your focus from earning money to what your product or service can do to relieve someone's pain, then you will be on your way to gaining some real customers. You will be able to close deals and you will be branding yourself. Now that's a recipe for success.

If you want to talk to me about other ideas for promoting, please send me an email at:  I look forward to hearing from you.
This article was published on 13.09.2017 by Penney Martellaro
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Roger Neumann This message is exactly right. It is not the list that makes money for you-it is your relationship with that list.  3 years ago
M And A Premier Plus Group You are so right Penney. ..I would like to learn more. ..I am so excited about seeing your information. .  3 years ago

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