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There have been a lot of variations called wallets, or Bots, or opportunities revolving around cryptocurrency.

Many have been backed with real deals and others by smoke and mirrors.

Cloud Token is different in that the technology behind it was already created and tested long before it was put to the market, unlike others it give full transparency to members.

The company is registered in Australia as seen here: 

[CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & INVESTMENTS PTY LTD (ACN 633 393 414) on May 10th 2019]

The Wallet uses the new  AI Trading Technology called JARVIS, this technology is put to work by some huge companies both private and public around the world. Such as Walmart, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Google to name a few, they use it as the Brains of the engine TENSORFLOW.

JAVIS AI uses trades instantaneously on 30+ different exchanges using arbitrage hodl strategy to minimize risk. 

The estimated returns are between 6 and 12 %, CLOUD TOKEN has 200 JAVIS AI running at this writing.

The APP is updated each time a new aspect is introduced to the wallet.

Ronald Aai is the spokesperson of the company, and constantly posts progress reports on his personal FaceBook page for the members, He has patents on many of his technology systems, which gives him the authority to explain how it works and whats coming next.

The company has long term goals and seeks to help third world country's create better lives for their families.

This was not set up to make the rich people richer, but to help the world have a bank account in their pocket.

Take the next step for your future and the future of your family with a system that makes your assets completely liquid, allowing you to withdraw any time, the newly introduced ATOMIC SWAP allows users to deposit supported cryptocurrency from third-party platforms into the according wallet address at the ATOMIC SWAP section and receive TUSD in your own decentralised wallet on the completion of the transaction.

Download the CloudToken App from the app store and sign up using this referral # 1230691367

Once you have joined my team (be sure to write down all the details while signing up for an account / password/ payment pin/ Mnemonic 12 word phrase / the credit  card number they give you is you Login)

When you have completed that contact me via email or on Facebook @mycloudtokens and we can go forward with training you about how to use your wallet and get paid to HODL

Your digital wallet will change your future and others with its full transparency, track able transactions and long term outlook.

This article was published on 08.08.2019 by Vanessa Bossley
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CloudToken - Crypto Wallet, Free to join

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