5 ESSENTIAL Ingredients to LOOK for in a great Home Business

When it comes to a home business and specifically a direct sales business, how does one know which company to choose? There are so many companies, and they all claim that they are the best! There are essential ingredients to consider when choosing a direct sales company. Here are 5 key ingredients to consider when looking for a great direct sales company.

1. Product – the product must be unique and consumable, not another “me too” product or one that can be easily copied. An affordable product that gives great value is essential.

2. Company – A company that is solid, has integrity, has a strong leadership team with previous success. One that has a purpose and a mission that they live by. One that has an infrastructure in place for massive growth.

3. Timing – timing is critical as you don’t want to join a company where everyone is already doing it or heard about it. A company that is new or less than 5 years old can be risky as most companies do not survive their first year, much less 5 years.

4. Compensation – a compensation plan where everyone can win. The ability to earn money up front while you are building a residual is essential. The ability to be rewarded and not lose that reward. The ability to get paid on ALL of your efforts and that of your team.

5. Support & Training – A business that is easy to build is easy to duplicate. Support & training will be the livelihood of your business. What does the company offer and what does the team offer? Is there ongoing training and support?

These ingredients are essential to consider. Many join Direct Sales companies everyday and have no clue or real information about the company or the organization. Many are moved by emotion and make impulsive decisions. Once they are “in” they fail because they lack many of the essential ingredients previously listed.

The company and the organization that I represent far exceeds the 5 ESSENTIAL Ingredients for a Great Home Business.

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This article was published on 11.03.2016 by Gregory J Miller
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