Network Marketing Should Be Taught in High Schools

Proverbs 27:19 - As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart.

Network marketing has become a passion of mine at this point in my life.  I will not tell you that I have had enormous success at this point, but I have had enough success to know that network marketing works, and it can work for anyone with an open mind.

I have met different leaders at events, after watching them online in videos.  You meet them in person, shake their hands and listen to them speak live, and the events become eye openers.  Then, we have to choose who we are going to listen to; these leaders and others at events who have the success we want or other people who shy away and would rather be critical of it. 

Not a hard choice for me anymore and really hasn't been for a few years.

We do have to strive to put value into the marketplace in order to have success.  That is an established fact that I have learned.  We only get paid when we strive to put value into the world.

What's on my mind right now is the fact that our society is not taught about network marketing as a viable option for a career, or even as a solid income in parallel with another chosen career.  There are only one or two colleges that I have heard of that teach the network marketing field.

We are, and have been for years, taught that we should work for someone else.  If an individual is considering becoming a business owner, then they are taught to get a business degree and work toward a traditional business.  Network marketing never really comes into the equation.

Network marketing is about serving other people and showing them how they can become successful, using products that make their lives better and introducing those products to other people.  Network marketing companies compensate people based on their level of performance moving said products and training others to move the same products.

This requires communication skills.  The same communication skills that any other business wants.  

Imagine if there were classes in high schools that taught the basics of network marketing and how leverage works within the network marketing profession.  Imagine if the communication skills needed, like asking questions and finding out more about people, along with follow up skills, were taught in these classes.

High school kids trying to figure out their options need to know about network marketing.  They still need a well rounded education from college, I would never discourage that.  They could be advised about beginning to build a network and setting up a network marketing business as they go through college.  

College and network marketing both require discipline and study skills.  College will tell you what you should take and when to take it.  Network marketing leaders can guide students how to incorporate communication skills into the other skills they are learning and how to make good decisions for their businesses.  They can teach students how to invest their money and time, versus looking only at costs and spending their time and money on things that will not give them a return.  

The truth is that we should never stop learning these concepts.  Our society will imply that once we have graduated from a degree program that life should get easier and our learning can slow down.  

The fact is that our degree should teach us how to learn and study so that we can continue to learn the rest of our lives, specifically about how to develop our mindset and look for opportunities to serve other people and be valuable to other people.

These things are not taught early enough.  I am currently working to plant seeds into my son's mind about staying out of debt and that network marketing is a viable option for him to consider.  I want him to know that it's ok to struggle.  He can get past any struggle that he prays and thinks his way through, and will be a better man for it on the other side.

I want to help other network marketers build their business with the company they have chosen.  You will learn more about me and my company, but you will first of all find an economical way to get leads delivered to you.  Visit to get more information on these leads.

With Respect

Scott Moore

This article was published on 05.03.2017 by Scott Moore
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