Why I joined Travel network marketing company

I am gonna tell about how is possible travel to cosmos. 

My journey before I become a business rep

I was really sceptical for the first two month. The lady who signed me in was very passionate about the product and handled my 1001 question calmly. My brain works differently and I still was sceptical. One day I woke up and said to myself. The team who I spoke to is very honest and open. I will join to the travel club, because I want to meet them. So my answer is I didn't join to the club because of the opportunity, I joined because of the leader and people. Now I can not wait when I will see all of them who become my friends. They are from different countries, but luckily this business opportunity is about travelling and main product what we sell is trips. So this gives me opportunity to meet every single person. 

I was asking people who is in the project what are the negative points of the business, but many people don't see them. Neither I. Of course there is some, but we all different and one person don't like Apple, another don't like Samsung. Someone don't like both, like me. We are different. 

What company is offering?

DreamTrips offers you opportunity to travel more then 25000 destinations in the world. Operates in more then 40 countries. About 40 travel awards. Over 2 millions people are enjoying the product. 

Company just signed a contract with Richard Brenson's company Virgin Atlantic. In this case they are running promotion of signing up fee 99$ till 16.08.2019. After official announcement joining fee will cost 300$. That means people who will take new VIP packet will be available to make an exclusive trips to cosmos, 21 day safari e.t.c.

The good side of the business is that all entry fee is not going to the company. It goes to you account. System works as a little piggy bank. Once signed up you will get point in the system. Those points you can use to discount the travel packages. There is a membership cost like in Costco, but system allows you to avoid to pay membership fee. There is much more to tell. If you are interested, just send me a message. You can earn points even when you go to the restaurant or museum and use them later to buy a trip or plane tickets. It is really good service and people in my team and this is why I joined it. 

Best Regards and see you soon,


This article was published on 26.07.2019 by Andrejs Klimza
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WorldVentures, DreamTrips - Traveling, Tourism, 99 USD to join

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