Get a 20% cashback on your daily purchases.

Ladies an Gentlemen.

Once in a while you stumble upon an opportunity that sounds too good to be true. That's how I feel about this one. Imagine this: Your go to a restaurant with some friends on your birthday. You are the one who take care of the bill even though it is YOUR birthday. You ask for the receipt and it sounds at $175 now a gentleman leans over from the other table and ask you if you would like to get some money back on that receipt, and he hands you a flyer with the word Saivian cash back system

You pay with your credit card... and take the receipt home with you. Then you choose to join the Saivian system because you read, it is not only restaurants but also Gas stations - supermarkets like Wall mart - cloth departments - airplane tickets - hotels - furnitures - you name it. So you Add the restaurant you just visited to your list on your website and you take a picture of the receipt and send it in - a month later you receive a cash back of 20% of the $175 = $35 just for the restaurant visit.

Saivian pays you money for the information on your receipts and they sell the information of what you have bought where and when to marketing companies - but you will not be contacted with any offers from anyone - so you take a picture of the receipt and sends it in to the company through an app or their website. 

You have to choose the 10 stores you use the most. And the stores can be anywhere in the world. So if you travel a lot you can shift the stores or restaurants every month.

There is a monthly service fee of $125

And there is also a finders fee program that can be quite lucrative. They call it three is better than free - because as soon as you have found 3 people who is looking for a job, no matter where in the world they are  - or who could use the 20% cash back - your service fee will be covered, actually you get $5 per day for 28 days = $140 minus $125 is a plus of $15 = better than free!

Now if you help them or they by themselves also wants to get the service fee paid by finding 3 people guess what.... You start earning an income of $20 per day. (A group of 12 people in total.) And your receive the full 20% cash back.

It grows almost by itself.

Some people are eager to earn money this way and sure they can if they put in the effort. How does $50 a day sounds to you - like you can breath a little more freely...? What about $100 or $200 a day income.

The maximum amount you can earn per day is $3000 (that takes 3 groups of 3000 people in total) Plus the cash back on your own purchases.

Let's compare it with a regular job. When you apply for a job you are one among 100 or 1000 that is looking for an open position and you all fight over the same position. Maybe you have a higher education so you feel diminished by seeking a job that you feel is below your level.

Here you can actually buy a job position for $125 and work to spread the word and commit yourself not to stop before you have reached the level of what you desire. 

An individual from China maxed out with $3000 per day in less than 2 month.

I am in - what about you? Click the link 'Saivian'

Kind regards Peter.

This article was published on 14.04.2017 by Peter Larsen
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