The Strategy To Getting Signups From Using MLM Gateway - It Works Well

Getting new people to join your business or MLM team is no easy battle.

It takes a lot of learning, work, and screening leads.

But MLM Gateway is a social media type platform designed for MLM team members to "meet up".

Yet so many people still do not get signups into their business from it.

So why is this?

And how can you change that so you do get signups from MLM Gateway into your business?

What Many Do Wrong

The basic and natural idea to getting people into your business is to tell more.

This does hold true, but the problem is the way in which many do it.

They will get on MLM Gateway (or other places) and begin just sending messages to people about joining their business.

The one thing they forget to do, is build a relationship or provide value to the person first.

So, they are sending "join me" messages to people who do not know them, that are in a business already looking to build the one they have.

So after tons of messages that never get replied to, or only get replied back with "forget your business, join mine" messages, they tend to believe it's not going to work for them. 

The Approach That Works Better

Instead of sending messages of "join me", try sending messages of "how can I help out?"

Or the ones I like to send are "can we share ideas, tips and strategies with one another to get value from our connection".

These types of messages almost always lead to a real conversation, and a strong relationship with the person.

Most of the time, using MLM Gateway, I see people wanting to purchase systems, tools, and subions to the same tools I use. If I use a tool to get results with it, then I can exchange the information to people so they can also get results. Leading to more commissions from sales.

But, some will join my team and work as a business partner no doubt.

Give Value

By writing content that will give a reader value, you go from being spam and useless info to a target in their eyes.

You are helping them to get better at building a MLM business. 

From time to time, people who are actually thinking about something new, or have had their companies collapse, will be most likely to join you over people they have only been pitched from.

So the key to building good relationships, is to give value to the reader in your business announcements, and even your direct messages.

When Do I Ask Them To Join Me?

For me, I never ask them to join me.

Yet, people do join me. 

If I am working with someone in a MLM business, why would I ask them to leave what they do and start with me?

That's not good advice at all to a prospect. I'll let the prospect decide that it is best to work with me, and leave the "asking to join" to prospects who have opted-in and looked at my business.

Remember you do not treat genealogy leads, or active MLM prospects the same as a lead you'd get from a solo ad or craigslist.

When people "opt-in" to your company's system, they have expressed an interest.

If they have not, then why ruin a good prospect and possible future team member by pressuring them into joining you? 

Remember, if you just focus on putting out valuable content and helping people learn (anything) that can help them, you will begin seeing others come to you to join.

Did This Help?

If you got some value from this announcement, please leave a comment below. Also, shoot me over a connection request so we can share more tips, and value with one another. I'll accept all connection requests that are sent to me.

P.S If you are thinking about trying something new, I recommend you look at this powerful system that can signup new reps for you. I get several new team members without even prospecting them myself. So if that is what you would like to work with, take a free tour and watch it work!

This article was published on 22.05.2018 by Jaye Carden
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