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In my last business announce we discussed how vital it is to scientifically measure the effectiveness of your advertising sources.

It doesn't matter whether they are free ads or paid ads... you're still throwing your resources away if they are NOT producing clicks on your links. After all, nobody wants to waste either time or money... right?

You do this by using tracking software to measure the number of clicks your ads are generating.

About four years ago I went through the process of testing over 150+ Viral Mailers and Safelists to find which ones were actually delivering clicks to my affiliate links.

Here is the process I followed:

Step 1

First, I created a spreadsheet to record my results. I included the name of the mailer, the number of credits I needed to send email ads to the maximum number of recepients allowed on the "free" level, and the number of clicks received by those emails.

Step 2

I always sent out the same ad copy on the same day of the week at about the same time. I then recorded the results for 3 weeks and used the spreadsheet to display the total number of clicks and the average clicks for each mailing.

Step 3

Finally, I used the spreadsheet to reorder the mailers by the number of clicks received. I then determined a cutoff point that I believed to be effective... in my case I started at 20 clicks per mailing... if an advertising source didn't deliver at least 20 clicks, I no longer used it.

Here is a link to a .pdf of my results...  Advertising Test Results

Some things to take away from this test..

1. The test you are viewing is not up to date. Several of those mailers and are not even in existence today.

2. The average click through rate for the mailers is barely over one percent. As a whole, viral mailers and safelists are not very efficient advertising sources. Of course they don't cost you anything either... except time!

3. There are a lot of 1's and 0's on that spreadsheet... that means I spent a lot of time and effort collecting credits to enable me to mail out my ads, and I only got one click... or NONE!

I am again in the testing process...

Last month, June 2019, I began testing my ad sources again to bring it up to date. I haven't even posted ANY of the results yet, but that will be coming very soon.

You can access ALL of my marketing resources on the Resources tab at My 20 Dollar Travel Biz website. I am developing this marketing resource for my team members, but I have opened it up for anyone in any business... no cost to join...

(Since I am only allowed 2 links in a business announcement, you will need to message me for the links)

Hope this helps...

Submitted byGreg Ray

My 20 Dollar Travel Biz

You may be asking "What Tracking Software Do You Use, Greg?" I have tried many, but the one I am currently using for all my tracking is from All In One Profits. This is actually a suite of marketing tools, including an autoresponder, a splash page builder, AIOP Press Blog, AIOP Rotator, web hosting, AND the AIOP tracker...

ALL for just $11.50 per month.

It is also another income stream... my account makes me money and costs me nothing!

Here's the link=====>     All In One Profits

This article was published on 19.07.2019 by Greg Ray
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