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Free Leads by the effort of others with List Elevate

List Elevate Gives You FREE Leads!!

List Elevate is a new software branch of the Now Lifestyle marketing tools suite and platform that allows you to earn pass up leads when your own personal leads get opt ins.  Yes that means you get free leads by the effort of others.

Yes you need to take action and work on they say, "it works if you work it"!

Let's break down a scenario here.  

You are in a company looking for leads for a general business opportunity and do any sort of traffic that will result in a click to your affiliate link (the link that would be credited to you for the lead/sale etc.)  When someone fills in their details and becomes your lead, then obviously as someone who is business opportunity minded, they would also need to build leads as well, which is where the fun begins.

So for example you get 5 leads (could have been from a social media post, blog, YouTube video, paid traffic or similar) who are named Bob, Kirsten, Steve, Molly and Becky.  Well as most things will go and the Pareto principle kicks in (otherwise known as the 80/20 rule) most of them will do nothing, but lets say for example that the 20% does.

So Kirsten takes action and goes out like she is shot out of a cannon and gets 20 leads...Well guess what?  With List Elevator you also get those same 20 leads delivered to your account as well so that you can follow up with them with any opportunity you want.

Are the light bulbs going on yet?

You can try out List Elevator here now

Free Leads With List Elevate

Obviously if you do not take any action and communicate with your own personal leads you will never have the opportunity for them to send you free leads.  You must have some leads of your own.

The magic works after that when they start to take action so a few pointers I can make to help your success with the List Elevate platform are these:

  • Make your first automated follow up message a welcome one with your contact details
  • Take their email and copy/paste it into your personal gmail or similar and send them another message stating the same (reminding them to check all their folders in case the initial automated one ended up in the spam or promotions folder)
  • Always have a CTA, or a call to action of some obviously you should let them know in the first few automated follow ups about the power of the List Elevate program and how it works.
  • Don't promote something new every day...Be consistent with one product for a while
  • Provide value.  Don't just come off as a spammer and not provide anything of value to the lead.
  • Don't be afraid of being personal and vulnerable with them.  People like to work with people they know like and trust and the more you can relate to them the better.
  • Share with them your successes over time with the system and how many leads you have gotten free/passed up to you and remind them how they can too.

While there are other strategies you can learn and pick up these are just a few to get your started.  The key is to keep sending emails daily and building your list with your own efforts and List Elevator's efforts as well when you get passed up leads which you can engage with and share your products and services too.

Let's do this and get your List Elevate Leads now here!

Dave Gardner

This article was published on 06.08.2022 by Dave Gardner
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List Elevate - Lead Generation, 25 USD to join

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