Steps To Have People On MLM Gateway Asking To Join Your Business

When you first get onto MLM Gateway, you think it's the perfect place to find like minded people.

Then you begin to believe, everyone wants me to join them, not join me.

But the truth is, there is a way to use MLM Gateway to attract others to reach out to you, asking to join your business.

How is this done?

In this business announcement, I will explain the steps to take in order to have people reaching out to you on MLM Gateway, asking to join your business.

Where To Start

First thing you need to do on MLM Gateway, is build a large connection base.

Focus on people who are active though, no need to waste a credit asking random people to join you.

Look for people who are local to you, companies you are in or were in, giving people a reason to accept your request.

Also, look for people writing content on here, purchasing upgraded profiles, and participating on the site. These are the people who will be back again later, and will most likely be accepting your connection request.

You need lots of connections, and you need to private message each and everyone, a welcoming message that does not contain a link to join anything. Building trust and friendship is the first step.

Write Consistent Content

You really need to focus on writing consistent content for a couple reasons.

One, it is the most powerful approach to getting people reaching out to you. 

If you create a business announcement that has value to it, and is actually worth something to the reader, then you will begin getting more connection requests, and even people wanting to work with you.

Also, every connection you have, will be notified of the business announcement. So write good content, teach something, and they will come to read it.

Second reason to stay consistent on MLM Gateway's content, is to get credits. These credits play another approach to getting people reaching out to you to join your business.

Running MLM Gateway Ads

The most powerful, cost effective advertising I've ever used is MLM Gateway's advertising.

If you use a landing page with your ad, you will generate leads. Tweak your ads and see which ones pull the best results, but always send the visitor to a landing page.

With each lead you generate from the ad (you need to track it), you have someone you can also reach out to and connect with.

By connecting here on MLM Gateway with the same people who looked at your ads and opted in to them, you can begin having conversation, and find that many of them are interested in what you do (not quite them coming to you, but close).

Also, from time to time, the leads that come from MLM Gateway's ads, convert into team members through your company's funnels and follow up systems (if you have this).

Brand Yourself And Create An Image

Another important tip to getting more people coming to you on MLM Gateway, is to brand yourself and create an image.

If you notice, there is a logo at the top of every business announcement I create.

When people are reading business announcements, they will remember you over everyone else if you do this.

Also, if the people you meet here wind up on your list, then they will open your personal sent emails as well because they know you, unlike all the other people sending emails to them.

Find a way to create an image, logo, and a way to get remembered when people visit your content (you write almost everyday).

This helps to get more and more people, writing to you letting you know they want to work on your team.

The Overall Expectation

To understand what to expect on MLM Gateway, is explained in this piece.

Never will you have people everyday reaching out to you asking to join.

But you can get a few every month either reaching out to you, or joining you through your ads.

Working consistently just a few minutes a day here on MLM Gateway, will add a few extra people to your team each and every month if you stay consistent.

Remember, MLM Gateway is just a source, one source of many to building a MLM business.

Best of luck to you in your journey, and I do hope you find the success you came here to find!

P.S If you want to see why so many people from MLM Gateway join my team, then simply take this free tour, and see what you too could have working for you each and everyday!

This article was published on 23.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
Member comments:

sammy badaki Jay, let's chop it up. Send me a number I can reach you on. Mine is 6783830092  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Awesome to hear! I am glad it helped!  1 year ago
Veteran Auto Glass LTD Jaye this is absolutely an amazing announcement and extremely helpful. I am working on my logo and a visual as we speak.   1 year ago

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