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1. SUPERIOR AND FAST RESULTS ADVANTAGE—The fact that 80% who try our extraordinary flagship product FEEL it within 30 minutes—do you see that as an unfair advantage? Long term results are even more significant. At just $1-3/day, everyone can afford it! Plus we have ways to get it at zero net cost.

2. VALIDATION OF CREDIBLE RESEARCH—Cornell University certified our Colostrum6 as the ONLY true 6 hour colostrum in the world. 100,000+ studies and research articles, including from PubMed.Gov, have been published on the benefits of Bovine Colostrum.

Dr. Oz, the author of his latest book, Food Can Fix It, recently explained many of the benefits of this special and extraordinary whole Colostrum, to millions of people on his TV show and recommended taking it every day.

The other medical doctor discussing this with Dr. Oz on the show, called this “First Food” Colostrum, the “perfect food.”

3. UNPRECEDENTED REORDER RATE—Because our Colostrum6 gives people such remarkable benefits, we have a 78% reorder rate in contrast to the national average reorder rate in the supplement industry of 9% - 12%? Which level of reorder rate do you want to have?

4. FREE PRODUCTS ADVANTAGE—Everyone loves FREE, right? We have a unique way to thank and reward our loyal customers. You get up to 30% back on your monthly product purchases in the form of gift certificates that you can use to get extra products for free!

5. ADVANTAGE OF OWNERS YOU CAN TRUST—Dr. Kleinsmith has been doing business globally for over 25 years. You can trust that he will never compromise the integrity of the products. So you get the best of both worlds—you get a strong financial home with the stability and strength of an over 25 year old company, but with the major advantage and potential of a young one without the HIGH RISK of a baby start-up.

6. GENEROUS PAY PLAN ADVANTAGE—With Anovite, you and your people can get into profit in the first 7 days, thanks to our generous fast start DOUBLED commissions. Our leveraged hybrid compensation plan richly rewards you weekly with 14 ways to make both immediate and long term royalty-type income that includes check matching bonuses.

7. PRESIDENTIAL FOUNDER POSITION ADVANTAGE—You may qualify for Anovite’s Presidential Founder “Master Distributor” like program that gives you an exclusive Profit Sharing Pool overriding the entire company, PLUS 100,000 BV, a weekly stipend, an annual luxury trip with the owner/leaders, special recognition, a lot of appreciation and other very nice perks.

8. ADVANTAGE OF A SUPERIOR SAMPLING SYSTEM—Everyone loves a FREE sample, especially when they feel better within 30 minutes! One of the most effective elements of our system is that the company will send a two week supply for a person to try of our products on your behalf! Shipping included! Makes it easy!

9. THE LETHAL WEAPON ADVANTGE—Because of his amazing personal experience with our Colostrum6, Danny Glover, without being paid, said on TV that our flagship product was the REAL “LETHAL WEAPON.” Imagine the advantage you'll get from THIS endorsement! In this dangerous world, doesn’t everyone need a Lethal Weapon?

  10. ADVANTAGE OF UNPARALLELED TRAINING AND SUPPORT—We provide a way for you to be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself! You get the attention, training, support and tools you deserve every step of the way. We’ll help you introduce Anovite to potential business partners. We’ve got your back, so you can easily quickly create the financial future you want and deserve. Why leave it to chance when you can create Success by DESIGN?

For more info on a few benefits of Colostrum, more about Anovite and to ask for your Free Intro Pack (a Free 90 count bottle of our Colostrum6 capsules & 8-sticks of Limuz6) check out: (to learn more "About Me" click on the far right Top Link)

This article was published on 28.12.2018 by David Rubright
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Anovite - WholeFood Nutrition, Free to join

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David Rubright Working on a New Page: If your looking for a money game or get rich quick without doing anything this is Not for you!   3 years ago
David Rubright For more info on our Flagship product check out: and for more info on our Core product check out:   4 years ago

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