247 wave financial services

247 wave is a Nigeria coded website which was found in 3rd of December 2020. It was created for the purpose of the young generation acquiring legit money and skill to help in the present day society.

I joined this amazing platform and opportunity that transform my life and I want others to be the same with my own. Now I will be talking about how 247 wave works.

It is an income program that pays you for the following reason and jobs you do on the website.

There are two packages, the standard package and the basic package. The standard has more benefits than the other. I will recommend you to register for the standard package.

This are the earnings on standard package.

Referral bonus:1400 this what you get credit to your dashboard when you refer someone using your link. You can withdraw directly to your bank account once you have the minimum of one referral. Withdraw day is on Tuesdays and Fridays by the time from 8:30am to 10:am in Nigeria time.

Signup bonus 900 points: this is the amount credited to your dashboard after signing up. Immediately you login you are credited under the activities earning.

Login bonus 130 cool enough when you login with your username or email and password you will  be credited on your activities earning.

Sharing sponsored Post daily: this is an important aspect of the platform. You need to login to your dashboard and look for campaign post, click on it, then you see the sponsored Post for the day, click on it download the image and copy the URL link and go to your Facebook timeline and post it. It is required when you want to withdrawal. The value is 250

Posting of approved article 150: whenever you're login on your dashboard you can see post article. Well you can organize an article and submit when the article is approved boom your earnings have been added up.

Staying entertained per post 10: when you read any of their post uploaded in the website you get a maximum of 10 point added to your earnings.

Spillover earnings 50: when you refer a person that register with your link on the standard package you get the value mentioned above. If you refer 10 people you are sure of getting spill overs of 50x10 = 5000 spillover earnings.

Withdraw date: I only talked about the affiliate withdrawal earlier but you can withdraw your activities earning directly to your bank account without any stress on the 10th of every month from the time of 5:30 am to 8:30 am 

Within ten [10] days you are sure of getting your money delivered.

There's also some good opportunity this platform has provided which is acquirement of present day skill. The list of skills available are included:

Forex trading: the application of skills is with your activities earning. You can acquire for this skill when your activities earning has mounted up to 30000 activity points.

Market place: You can sell your goods as well as other products on the market place. You just need 15000 activity points to assign for that market place.

Copywriting: You can acquire the copywriting skills and experience to work for companies in need of this skill.You need up to 20000 activities earning to signup and register for the class.

Website development

Skin care and organic classes

Advance mini importation and lots more.

Registration is just  5.15464 USD for purchasing of coupon code to sign up.

You can direct message me on Facebook for coupon and some guide about how it works

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/esther.aiye.5

You can also use my referral link https://247wave.xyz/signup?id=3694

This article was published on 04.03.2021 by De Great
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247wave - Financial services, 5.15 USD to join

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