The best MLM you can do 100% on your phone without any physical human contact

Hi, my name is Anton, I hope you are doing well in these trying times. I have an amazing opportunity for you like nothing else out there.

I have been involved in over a dozen MLMs in the last decade and the https.// is the best one I've seen yet, as the product being bought and sold is the actual cryptocurrency which can easily be exchanged for money, commissions are paid instantly and since its on a decentralized blockchain all transactions are transparent for everyone to see, and there is no central human management or fraud of any kind. The whole MLM is a computer program that tracks and pays everyone instantly. It involves the Tron token, which is a smart coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Tron was specifically designed for financial transactions. In fact this MLM was specifically designed so that more people will start using Tron coin as a method of payment, as Tron is not nearly as well known outside of the Crypto world, not like Bitcoin or Etherium.

Right now Tron is extremely cheap, around $0.03 a coin, making the startup cost under $15 for the first level. Most people join at level 5 or 6 ($500-$1000 startup investment). You make your money back with the first 2 people to sign up or reach your level, everyone after that is pure profit, unless you want to upgrade to a higher level. There are 12 levels in total and the highest (12th) level costs $64,000 but usually people start at level 5 ($500) and then grow from there. If you sign up a person who wants to start off at a higher level than you, then you will miss out on his commission unless you upgrade your level before he does. The payout is ½ of the fee that people pay to sign up, the other ½ goes to your upline. As this whole system is managed by a computer program rather than a human owner, the fees are fractions of pennies which go towards keeping the power running for the global servers that support the system. That means most of the money goes directly in to the users pockets. Again this MLM was not created to make the ceo rich, it was specifically created to increase the value and usage adoption of the Tron token.

This MLM only started in the middle of this past summer 2020, and already generated a total of 30 million dollars of profits for its members, and many individuals have already gone past the $200,000 benchmark (there is a live leader board on the website). Sign up is supper easy, takes about 10-15 minutes and can be done on your phone.

Again there are no physical products to sell, we are buying and selling a digital token / crypto currency, so the whole business can be done on the phone without any face to face meetings or physical transactions (all transactions are digital and done through secured private crypto wallets and digital currency exchanges) you can sell and buy crypto currency to and from anyone in the world and because tron is so cheap, as more people join and use it as a payment currency it should theoretically increase in value. So after you join, if you get a lot of people to sign up to your downline and you earn a lot of Tron token and the token increases in value, then you will not only earn from the sales created by your downline, but also from the appreciation of the value of the product sold. There is no other MLM that I know of that sells you a product that can be instantly directly converted to cash and also can appreciate in value. All other MLMs I have ever seen or have been involved in, require you to buy a physical product that then must be sold, and if there is no buyers you are stuck with the product. In https.// you are buying digital money which can always and easily and almost instantaneously be converted to other money. And I don't think crypto currency is going away anytime soon.

If you are interested please let me know and I’ll get you signed up today.

My signup link is: https.//

Thank you.

This article was published on 02.10.2020 by Anton Glotser
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forsage tron - cryptocurrency, 15 USD to join

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