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Virtual AVS is the best PASSIVE INCOME platform in the world!

It was designed for people who are tired of their current financial situation and are looking for a RELIABLE | SUSTAINABLE way to earn PASSIVE INCOME.

Virtual AVS is the biggest innovation that features unique software that is already benefiting many people worldwide. It is going to change the financial lives of billions of people globally!

All you need is $144: That is $69 for your business license and $75 for your business account upgrade.

Virtual AVS features a Mobile Phone App that allows you to EARN MONEY from the mobile phone airtime you load and from the money you spend on utilities like Cable TV Bills (GOTV, DSTV, Zuku, StarTimes etc.) electricity, water, shopping from selected supermarkets and in many department stores located around the world.

The Virtual AVS Mobile App allows you to benefit also from when your family and friends (or anyone you recommend this to) download the Mobile App and register their accounts using your unique Mobile Phone number featured on your Business App Profile (Upline Number) when your account has a valid business license.

As they earn from their use of the App to do the same across the world, you also earn from their expenses.

When they recommend this to others, your back-office Salesforce continues to grow (Generation 1-15) and so does your PASSIVE INCOME. The generous compensation is shared with everyone appropriately.

How you get paid License Commissions at each level (generation) per registration follows this formula:

Level 1 = $10 per member

Level 2 = $4 per member

Level (3 - 10) = $2 per member

Level (11 - 15) = $1 per member

Airtime commissions come in at a ratio of 0.5% | 0.4% | 4% and 5% subject to system averages.

Utility Commissions are at 0.04% across the board.

Another commission is what we call passive income.

When you upgrade your business account with $75, you will be getting a good dividend every 15th of the month from your account and all upgraded accounts on your Salesforce.

In summary, we earn 4 types of commissions from a single investment of $144:-

1. License Commission

2. Airtime Commission

3. Utility Commission

4. Passive Income / Bulk Airtime Commission 


You can now use one single App for all your purchases and payments and earn commissions! 

Download the Virtual AVS App from Playstore and register for free.

Then purchase your User License and upgrade to earn all 4 streams of income.

This article was published on 29.06.2022 by Sylvester Moshoeshoe
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