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Hi there, my name is Ralf, M.Sc in electrical engineering and telecommunications. I am used to frequencies, waves and vibrations for mobile communication technologies and so on. But I was more than impressed when I first witnessed the effects of the sprays from LAVYLITES.

It is said that these simple sprays contain the "information" of more than 250 natural substances like plants, minerals, herbs and so on and that the positive information of these natural substances are being transmitted via a certain frequency to our body cells which then could regenerate healthy. This reads unbelievable, right ? I didn't believe it at all...

However, my interest and fascination was rised. Together with my wife who runs a yoga studio we then started a kind of field test with 40 people in our neighbourhood....the results were overwhelming. Nearly everyone has experienced an improvement in his physical or mental conditions. From Neurodermatitis Tinnitus to back pain...and many more improvements. Find some of the testimonials on my website.

Being totally fascinated by these unique products my wife and me joined the MLM network in 2015 and since then our network has grown rapidly....but not by selling any product myself...just by talking about it. The Hungarian company is there for just 3 years and has started its business in Eastern Europe. Up to now, Germany is the biggest market. Since the sprays are consumer products we have a 70-80% rate of subsequent purchases.

The products are not yet available in some European countries like France, Spain and also not in Asia and the Americas. But this will change soon.

In 2017 LAVYLITES will go to USA and INDIA. It is a great opportunity NOW to join our network and get a top position in USA and INDIA even before the official market launch. (see also here). We will support you from Germany as well as on-side for roadshows, presentations, trainings.

What is different with LAVYLITES in MLM ? We see 5 parameters that make LAVYLITES an outstanding opportunity in MLM:

- unique and exclusive products.... there is no competition
- timing... this is a completely new market and the market is very young
- Aha! effects... with these products nearly everyone will experience a significant improvement after hours, days or weeks
- consumer products... the highest rate of following orders in MLM
- no target group.... this wunderful products are important for every human being as well as your pets

If you are looking for a unique product with the largest rate of subsequent purchases in MLM, then this is it.

This article was published on 30.01.2017 by Ralf Fischer
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