The Top Earners' Big Secret To Recruiting More SignUps!

Hello MLMGateway Family,

One of the first secrets to recruiting more people is using  pages that look high end.  No one wants to join a website that looks like a grade school kid built it.  That seems like common sense but the internet is full of cheap sites and they are not converting.  Another secret is putting out more than one page.  Most people use their company website and push it over and over.  Your people have seen it and yawn they are bored. Especially when a company of thousands all push the same page. 

Leaders always stand out, they never use a corporate site or landing page.   With this System I'm sharing with you all WE can make one of a kind super high end pages.  We can make multiple pages so we are always pushing out new material.  The sky is the limit.  The pages are very easy to make and we show you how step-by-step. 

Get started today and watch how your business will grow.

Again the huge problem is most people in a business send people  to their corporate website with no capture page.  So someone can read it and leave.  They might never come back.  Congrats you just lost your chance getting them to join you.  Plus they probably seen that site since everyone in your company uses it.  So they might see it somewhere else and join someone else. Ouch.  This solves that problem. Because you can make killer capture pages that capture the prospect.  After they opt In and hit the button then they can go to your corporate site.  But here is where it gets really good.  Our system lets you reach them by email, text and voice broadcasting.  Reach them 3 different ways.  That sure beats them going to a lame corporate website and saying adios!

Why is it a lot of companies and Affiliates gives us a website address that is like 8 feet long?  With tons of characters that look silly.  When people see one of those super long url's they don't want to click it.  To be frank... its ugly and costing you business.  So one of the cool tools we give you is a Tiny URL Builder.  It takes those long, ugly website addresses and makes them tiny and well clickable.  When it comes to getting conversions, everything you do matters.  Well, the cool part isn't that we just gave you a URL makeover,  but that our Tiny URL will track all of your traffic and tell you where you are getting results. Cool huh?

I look forward to helping you explode your business like never before.

Have a great day.


Harold Gibson  WiseSpend

This article was published on 05.05.2016 by Wise Spend
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