Business Success In The New Economy Part Two

Part 2 - The following topics will be discussed: Powerful Business Boosting Insights, Scaling Your Business, and Three Pillars of Support.

In this section, Powerful Business Boosting Insights talks about creating systems, putting management systems in place, delegating tasks, building and organizing departments, assembling a phone sales team, use of mass media advertising and Google Display Network, creating and implementing effective systems, laser-focusing your time and energy, and leveraging other people and systems.

Powerful Business Boosting Insights (How To): 
   o  Hire top-notch talent, build a virtual team that runs your business for you 24/7.

   o  Create systems that will allow the average person to run your business; this way, you’ll never be afraid of
       losing or firing talented people.

   o  Put a Management System in place that will eliminate “people problems.”

   o  Delegate tasks to others so you’ll focus on preparing yourself and your business for growth.

   o  Build and organize departments so that every aspect of your business is covered. (Accounting, Sales,
       Marketing, Customer Service, etc.)  

   o  Assemble your own phone sales team.

   o  Use Mass Media Advertising through radio and TV. This way you can take your message and product to the

   o  Use Google Display Network to dominate your niche for Re-targeting and Re-marketing.

   o  Create and implement effective systems so that you can quickly scale and sell your business for the biggest 
       payday ever.

   o  Laser-focus your time and energy on high-level activities. Outsource everything else.

   o  Leverage other people and systems so you can focus on growing your business. Thereby, giving you more
       personal time and freedom.

Scaling Your Business 
Why do you think scaling is so important for small and large businesses? Because if you can’t scale your business quickly, you will quickly burn yourself out, thereby causing you to put in more work for less money. You will succeed only in creating a 60-hour job for yourself. Most importantly, if you cannot scale,  you will never crash through the income ceiling which could provide you with the freedom and lifestyle you started your business for, in the first place! If you’re not building your business from the ground up to be scalable, then you’re headed for disaster.

Three Pillars of Support 
     o  Systems 

     o  Leverage (outsourcing, networking, etc.) 

     o  Advanced Marketing Techniques

If you discover how to handle these tools, you’ll break through the ceiling and begin to scale your business fast.

Too many entrepreneurs level out in their business building. Because while they’re good at doing stuff that makes a good pocket change, they don’t know how to put systems in place and standardize procedures, they don’t know how to outsource effectively, and they don’t know how to utilize some under-used but very powerful marketing techniques.

This article was published on 06.01.2020 by Sharon Mccorkle
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