I had to be Honest with Myself, and it Worked

Maybe you can relate to my experience, and hopefully, this will help you. I spent 2 1/2 years looking at everything from Ecommerce, Fulfilled by Amazon, Drop shipping, and all sorts of Affiliate programs. I looked at Blogging, Lead generation, House flipping, and more. I had developed a relationship with an Internet Marketing star of Clickbank fame and was thrilled when he informed me he was starting a new leg for Jeunesse. He was going to set up a training site and surely, with his marketing back ground it would be something special.

I ignored so many factors that are essential for short and long term success. I didn't really understand the comp plan, the sourcing of products, and the real, true methods of building a distribution network. I had some background in the past, and learned a little here, a little there a long the way, and a lot was contradictory. I became an expert in learning 50 different ways, Facebook, Twitter, Post Cards, free traffic, paid traffic, paid leads, funnels, email marketing, and on and on. Can you guess how that worked out? I became a basket case, and was 100% non-functional. I was stuck in my own self made rut.

I had to honest with myself, I did not know what the hell I was doing other than wasting time. I had only 2 things going for me, I don't quit, and I'm good at finally finding a solution. 

This was the turning point, accepting the fact that despite my false belief I could do this with the wrong or jumbled training, I stunk, and if I was ever going succeed, I needed help, guidance, mentorship from someone who REALLY is successful, who has and is doing it and hopefully would throw me a lifeline.

It's amazing what happens when we humble ourselves. I don't even know how it happened, but somehow, someway I (by the grace of God) I stumbled into a youtube video about Tim Sales. I did more digging than I have ever done and woke up to the fact that I had actually managed to get his attention. Next thing I know, I'm going back and forth with his wife Laura, and like it was meant to be, I ended up on the phone with Tim. After a number of amazing conversations, some of his no non-sense wisdom, and some eye opening information, he said he'd work with me and personally sponsor me only if I was prepared to be slapped upside the head if I strayed off course. 

I have never been happier, more relieved, like all the weight had been lifted. I learned more from Tim is a couple of calls than all of the junk I had been cramming in my head for the last two years.

So, I'd imagine a few of you can identify with my experience. 

Do you want to fix it? Tim has agreed to help anyone who I feel is as serious as I am and willing to learn. I'm sure most will think their deal is the best deal, and who needs to listen to this guy. 

But if you are not where you want to be, maybe that self humbling moment is all you need.
This article was published on 27.12.2018 by Scot Henry
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