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What Are the Best Agile Development With Scrums on the Market?

A lot of people love the idea of developing mobile apps, but few actually follow through on their ideas and make it happen. The reason for this can be attributed to not knowing where to begin or if there’s even a need to develop an app in the first place. 

Luckily, there are methods for developing mobile apps that are more effective than others, such as the agile methodology approach to mobile app development. Thant allows you to develop your app quickly and efficiently without losing sight of your original vision along the way.

What is agile mobile app development?

Agile app development is the best way to develop your mobile app quickly and efficiently. It is important for companies to consider their business objectives, competitors, target audience, location, financial situation, and many other factors when determining which strategy will work best for them. 

There are three main methods of agile app development that a company can use: the Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology Approach (used by startups), the Scrum Methodology Approach (used by small businesses), or the Kanban Methodology Approach (used by large corporations). Each approach has its own benefits and drawbacks; it's up to you which one you want to choose.

The Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology Approach

The Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology Approach means that you must be willing to change your approach at any time. It is recommended that you make a new release of your app every week, which is what we do with our apps. With this approach, it will not take very long before your app has all the features that you want. 

XP requires face-to-face communication between team members and an environment where people are encouraged to share ideas as much as possible. Finally, XP requires that when there is a problem in one area of the process, the team stops everything they're doing in order to address it until they find a solution. 

Here are some top benefits of the Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology Approach:

1. Lots of face-to-face communication:

In order to successfully use XP, you have to have lots of face-to-face communication. Our developers spend 80% or more of their time communicating with stakeholders because that's the best way for them to figure out what needs fixing in your app quickly and efficiently. 

2. Encourages Team Members Sharing Ideas:

Because XP relies on so much teamwork, it encourages team members to share their ideas as often as possible. That's why our teams always encourage new employees who join them to talk about how they solved problems or approached tough challenges—from how to update code without breaking anything else to how best to manage project expectations—with everyone else who might need help understanding the topic being discussed. 

3. When problems Arise, Everyone Stops Everything They're Doing to Address Them:

In order for the XP Methodology Approach to work, you have to stop everything you're doing whenever there is a problem in one part of your process. You can't just put off dealing with the problem later because later may never come if you don't stop and address it now. We've found that this "just do it" attitude is crucial for successful mobile app development because these kinds of fixes are sometimes better done immediately rather than thinking about them too much first.

The Scrum Methodology Approach

The scrum-agile approach means that the development process is broken down into iterations, or "sprints," of 2-4 weeks. Each sprint starts with an estimation meeting, where the team gathers to discuss what work can be completed during the next sprint. 

Each day there is a stand-up meeting where all team members report on their progress and challenges faced the previous day. At the end of each sprint, a demonstration is given to show off what was accomplished during that time period. Any problems or challenges faced are then discussed before deciding on how best to address them for future sprints. 

Here are some top benefits of the Scrum Methodology Approach: 

  • It helps manage change 
  • It supports self-organization 
  • It ensures that everyone is accountable 
  • It reduces rework  
  • It increases transparency
  • It improves communication 
  • It fosters collaboration 
  • It makes estimating easier 
  • It speeds up release cycles 
  • You don’t need lots of documentation to get started
  • The Kanban Methodology Approach

The Kanban Methodology Approach means that the process is continuous, so you’ll be able to see the progress that is being made on your app. There are six steps involved in this methodology: planning, estimating, building, testing, deploying, and maintaining. First off, there is the planning phase. In this stage, you will identify what requirements your app has from a business standpoint as well as from a technical standpoint. 

You will also need to create personas for the types of people who will be using your app so that you can create an experience tailored for them. Once you have all of that information, it will be easier to estimate how long it should take for each part of your project. That way, you can see which parts are running behind or ahead of schedule. 

Here are some top benefits of the Kanban Methodology Approach: 

  1. It reduces the risk of releasing software late because if you know when the release date needs to be and then realize at some point that you won't make it, then there's time to make adjustments before it's too late 
  2. It ensures that developers don't work on more than one task at once 
  3. It helps with making sure developers aren't working on tasks they're not qualified for 
  4. It provides transparency by letting everyone see what is happening with different parts of their project 
  5. It simplifies processes 
  6. It's quick to adjust when needed 
  7. Reduces waste 
  8. The team becomes more cohesive 
  9. Allows for changes easily 
  10. Helps with prioritizing tasks

The Benefits of Software Development Agile Scrum

Here are some top benefits of agile app development:

  • Makes your business more competitive by focusing on innovation, creativity, and customer-focused feedback. 
  • Keeps you on the cutting edge with technology changes - meaning you're able to get the latest devices before your competitors do.
  • Allows for quick design changes in response to changing market conditions
  • 4. Helps you manage costs with less upfront investment
  • Provides flexibility when it comes to how your team works together
  • Allows for more time spent doing what's important - building out a quality product
  • Enables faster iteration - which means you're able to release new versions of your app as often as possible 
  • Increases accountability
  • Provides an environment where experimentation is encouraged
  • Improves communication between team members

The Challenges In Agile Development with Scrum

Here are the top challenges of software development in an agile scrum:

  • Agile mobile app developers often have difficulty communicating with each other because they all work on different parts of a project in a decentralized manner. 
  • Getting designers, developers, testers, and product managers to work together smoothly can be tough when they're remote from one another geographically. 
  • If a team doesn't have strong technical knowledge in the form of programmers or engineers, it may be difficult for them to make progress in implementing features into an app without assistance from these professionals 
  • When time is tight (which is often the case), sometimes you can't do everything that you need to do before testing 
  • Doing proper QA might take too much time if you don't have enough people on your team 
  • It's difficult to estimate how much work needs to be done 
  • And finally, it can be hard for teams working in disparate locations to communicate effectively over large distances which can lead to wasted effort as a result.

It's important for everyone on the team to be aware of what's going on at any given time, not just their specific roles. Teams must consider the trade-offs between upfront planning and flexibility. 

How Does Agile Development Work? 

Here is an elaborative process of agile development with scrum: 

  • First phase, that is Inception phase, the team chooses a project goal, defines a vision for it. Identifies an initial set of requirements that must be met in order to achieve the goal. 
  • Second phase, here as Elaboration phase, more requirements are gather by analyzing what was learned during this initial research. 
  • Third phase, called the Construction phase, they create a design and plan how it will work in detail based on. What they have learned so far as well as their assumptions about how users want it to behave. Next they build a working version using prototypes or wireframes; 
  • Fourth phase, called the Transition phase, stakeholders get a chance to review and provide feedback about their experience with this prototype. If necessary, the team makes changes and updates. 

Finally, in the deployment phase, the stakeholders release it into production.

Why Is Agile Development the Best Way to Develop Your App?

Agile mobile app development is the best way to develop your app because it allows you to develop quickly and efficiently. Agile development with scrum is created with the goal of getting a working product out quickly and iterating based on feedback. 

In agile development with scrum, the whole team is involved in planning, developing, testing, deploying, etc. Unlike waterfall development, where there is a long period of time between planning and deploying changes. Agile development works over shorter periods of time so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

With this type of approach, teams are more engaged in the scrum-agile process, which makes them feel like they have a sense of ownership over their product.


Developing a mobile app can be a challenging process, but it doesn't have to be. Remember that there are many routes you can take in order to get your app developed. For example, the Agile Methodology Approach. This approach is one of the fastest ways for developers to create an app with the least disruption.

Another thing that makes this approach great is that it's flexible. The developer will work with you until your vision becomes reality. which means that you're much more likely to get an app.

So if you're looking for a way to develop your mobile app quickly and efficiently, So an agile methodology approach might just be what you need! If you want your app done in a timely manner without compromising quality, hire a mobile app development company in the UK that employs this methodology.

This article was published on 07.12.2022 by Marie Weaver
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