Why I feel the Lifestyle Marketing Group (LMG) is the shortcut to Financial Free

Check out these jaws breaking facts:

An Average Lawyer makes about $96,000 per year after 7 Years of University Education.

An Average Doctor makes about $110,000 per year after 10 Years of University Education.

Needless to talk about how much they invested Financially to Acquiring all that Education.

But when people come to the Online Space to make money, they want to make money for free, they want to start making thousands the next day or as soon as they sign up in an opportunity, without investing some time to understand the opportunity, investing some money to get the right tools, not to talk of following the recommended steps to succeed.

They basically want to make money doing nothing. Dont you think there is something wrong with that mentality?

While it is absolutely possible in this industry to start making money right away after you join an opportunity, with university studies you have to wait at least 3-10 years, based on your field of study, to earn your first income in that field of study.

You wait until you are done with studies, you wait to find a job, then if you are lucky to find one, you have to work and then wait again to be paid.

In this industry you do not wait, you start earning right away, if you take the necessary actions.

Needless to say; most people that study and graduate end up join us in this industry anyway.

Whatever the path you take to land into this industry, you can become a top earner, when you are lucky to fall on an Opportunity like the Lifestyle Marketing Group.

Despite the ease with which and the speed at which you can start making money in this industry, the failure or dropout rate is equally very high. An estimated 94-96% that join this industry end up failing or dropping out.

The reasons for this high dropout rate in this industry, does not really have much to do with the business opportunities themselves (though some opportunities are out right scams and discouraging), but how people treat or market these Opportunities.

Basically, there are three major problems I have noticed about this high dropout or failure rate. Fortunately, the Lifestyle Marketing Group have addressed them all squarely.

First Problem:

People do not generate enough traffic or targeted leads on a regular basis to their business.

Just imagine, I was talking to some business associates and they were generating like 3 clicks per day, that is ridiculous because you can never make any sales or get enough people join your opportunity doing that.

Some do not even care to learn traffic Generation strategies, which is the foundation for succeeding in any business. In my opinion, if you are doing any kind of business, and do not learn and master traffic generation, then you have no business. I know one can always buy traffic, but there is no guarantee, if you do not know how to generate some yourself.

The Lifestyle Marketing Group offers the possibility to consistently generate unlimited leads passively and residual. Passively because you do not have to do any work to get the traffic. The only work you will ever have to do, is the initial set up and that is it. Residual because you get the traffic ongoing anyway, whether you like it or not and the quantity of traffic keeps growing over time.

Second Problem:

When People Generate this traffic, and leads, they normally do not do that using their own lead management system, like most top earners and some leaders do. Many send this traffic directly to the company sales funnels, splash pages or affiliate site.

That is a total waste of time, because you lose those leads forever when the Company disappears. You do not stand out from the crowd doing this, guys. Wake up and get the right tools and strategy from the Lifestyle Marketing Group.

I will recommend to NEVER promote any Opportunity, if you do not have the opportunity to capture the leads, follow up with them and educate them about your opportunity. The Lifestyle Marketing Group gives you the possibility to do that easy.

Third Problem:

This problem seems to be the most crucial and is of no fault of yours. However, if you pay close attention now, you could even learn how to turn this number one problem into your number one solution and make millions from it. Companies do close down for one reason or the other. Some change compensation plans and others are just perfect scams. These and many others, are some of the unfair business practices that contribute to the 94-96% dropout or failure rate in this industry.

Irrespective of how high this Failure rate is, people still succeed in this industry making millions yearly, and you too can do the same using the training, tools and Services the Lifestyle Marketing Group has put together.

The Lifestyle Marketing Group has not only shortened the learning curve to Making Money Online, but it has also provided ready-made solution to the above-mentioned problems, making it relatively easy and possible now for just anyone to come online and Plug and Play - make money.

The Lifestyle Marketing Group has a strong community of Entrepreneurs supporting each other to be better entrepreneurs, each brings on board a new skill set and leaders willing to share. You are welcome to tap into this fond of knowledge and become more successful

I invite you today to secure a FOUNDER position in The Lifestyle Marketing Group, if they are still available.

Go here now to check it out: Click here to create your FREE Account.

Then, share, share and share the Lifestyle Marketing Group Opportunity with many others. By so doing. you will be helping yourself earn more, and many others achieve their own financial dreams.

Wish you much success in your Business.


This article was published on 21.05.2020 by Pete Ade
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