Make money directly delivered to your mailbox!

You got mail!  And this mail is definitely bringing something to you that you are going to 

absolutely love!  A grandmother made $28,000 in just 2 short months and an 80 year old man

from Oklahoma has made money from this from his own home.  And the way these 2 people have

made money is crazy simple.  This company started this life changing program 4 years ago and it is

ALL done offline (which is also great for the baby boomers who don't want to do online marketing or

business, but can still make tremendous amounts of money doing this).  This company is a direct 

mailing program, that is done offline and is called the 30 Day Success Formula. This business 

couldn't have come at a better time than now for people that could never get into their own business

because many ecommerce programs are very expensive to get into. This company has many attractive 

business features that many of you will absolutely love and are greatly needed in today's economy to 

help the masses and the VERY LOW COST to get your foot in the door.  These are some of the features

that are included in this life changing business:

1)  Digital education of the business.

2)  E-commerce stores for those who want to have their own stores that come already loaded

     with products for you and are earning monthly from the start!

3)  Credit & Debit pre-paid cards that come in real metals of gold, silver etc.

4)  Six different levels of residual income that will surely satisfy anyone's desired income taste.
5)  AND-the company fronts your advertising costs when you get in and they DO NOT charge you

     any up front costs out of your pocket.

Here is a synopsis of how the business will work for you:

1)  You get signed up with the letter on page 6 of the person who sends it to you.

2)  The company will do ALL THE WORK for you and cover your advertising costs.  They do this 

      because they want you to succeed and get a good start for yourself so you start making money 

      and advance to higher levels of income.  And it won't take long, because your money will start 

      arriving to your mailbox quickly from others who see your offer of the business and send you money 

      because they want in on this opportunity too!

 3)  The company will close ALL your high ticket commissions for you so you don't have to do 

       anything.  They send your money to you directly to your mailbox.

  4)  This company has been around for 4 years and they have ONLY been doing this offline ONLY.

        They don't do any internet marketing at all on this because this is a direct mailing program only.

   5)  Get started for as low as 89.00 that goes up to 12,000 (low to high ticket commissions).  When 

         you start making money, you can have the option to go up to another level or get additional 

         mailers sent to you and triple your income even more.  

   6)  Every time your team member makes a commission, YOU also make a commission!  Let's 

        use the example if you make a 2,500 sale, YOU get 1,000, your sponsor receives 400, and the 

        company makes $1,100.  Everybody wins and nobody is left out!

   7)   This business is so confident that they offer you a 90 day money back guarantee.  And the 

          refund does not come from the one you sign in with but instead, it comes from the business.

          This business is NOT MLM, pyramid scheme or cash gifting.  It is a totally legitimate direct mail 

          order business that many people are winning BIG from and it DOES NOT take all your life savings

          to get in and upgrade fast!  I am going to include 2 types of videos from people that are making 

          killer incomes from this and scaling up quickly from the fast conversions this system can create 

          for you.  My sponsor is Ontarian Hawkins who is very popular in the networking and affiliate field

          and he has had massive success in his business and many people join with him because they trust 

          his actions and the expertise he has.  His sponsor when he got into this business is Cassandra Goode

          who is the grandmother that made 28,000 in 2 months after she started in October of last year.  She

          has since leveled up and is making tremendous amounts of money and is in one of the video's I am 

          sending so you can see proof of what she has been doing (she is in video with Ontarian-they have been 

          friends for 12 years).  I am sending links for my letter about the business and if you want to opt-in

          and join on page 6 of my letter, a testimonial video with many other people in this program and a

          video with Ontarian and Cassandra.  PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS-VERY IMPORTANT!  This opportunity 

         can be a BIG help for many out there  who are tired of struggling, and are looking for something 

         that they can do without high costs of joining and having everything done for you!  

         If anyone has questions about this PLEASE message me by my emails I will give below, 

         or connect with me on Facebook and message me there or my other social sites.  

         I am here to help as many people as I can to do this because it WORKS!

          View the testimonial video here:       

          View the video of Ontarian Hawkins and Cassandra Goode here:  

         I don't talk about my business here,  I just promote my opportunities.  

        If you want to get in touch with me, please use the links below to contact me. 

        Looking forward to speaking and connecting with you!  

        Have a wonderful day!  :)

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        My  Yahoo email:

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        My Instagram:

        Ruth Baum

This article was published on 10.04.2019 by Ruth Baum
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