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LegalShield: Why The Numbers Are Always On Your Side!

"If I understand anything in business, I know these three things for a fact: There are strength in numbers. Numbers is an exact science. And numbers don't lie!" G. L. Giddings  

I have met many people who work from home over the years as well as other LegalShield Independent Associates. Many of these individuals have quit their business because of the challenge of trying to market, sell, and recruit to family, friends, and people they cared about. I did the same thing and experienced some of the same pitfalls as my home-based business colleagues. In the beginning of my LegalShield career, I had some who didn't want to hear about it or had negative things to say when they actually knew nothing about what I'm doing. After doing some research, I found out about the Business Solutions division within the company. 

LegalShield's Business Solutions is an area within the company where you can approach a business owner who has less than 100 employees and offer him a Life Events Legal Plan specifically to help protect their company. This became a great fit for me because I can focus on building my business with like-minded people who also wanted to go into companies and do the same thing! Also,  you can offer the same benefits you would to an individual but to a group of employees. Some may call this group or "cluster  sales" where you do one presentation with an audience of 5 or more employees in a relaxed setting and get MULTIPLE SALES from that  one meeting! This was great for me! If I earned $150 for one sale with a person or family, that was awesome. But if I can go into a company with, let's say, 100 employees and only half got the service, that means I earned $150 times 50 employees, equalling $7,500 in advanced commissions for the day

So unlike most people in the home-based business industry who has to focus on recruiting or doing a lot of individual sales to get paid, I focus on getting into group accounts and getting paid that way This is really "working smarter and not harder"! The commissions are much higher, less work, and greater satisfaction! I have the ability to still recruit others who wants to primarily want to work in this area of the business. I work and train with my teams and help them close sales so they can continue working on their LegalShield business as well. The company's Business Solutions division is a unique opportunity to work from home, go into companies, and offer the much-needed and requested legal, identity restoration, and unlimited consulting services to small business owners while protecting the employees at no-out-of-pocket cost to the company. 

If you like working with businesses and groups of people, then consider this area of LegalShield because you can do more with less effort. With our team, we also help our associates with training, support, marketing materials, technology, etc. to help them have the best possible chance of succeeding with LegalShield. If you would like more information about becoming an independent associate and working in the Small Business and Employee Group Benefit areas of the company, please visit my website below and click the CAREER OPPORTUNITIES tab at the top to see more information about these areas. 

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G. L. Giddings, CEO/President

GLG and Associates LLP

The POWER Group Organization Team

Consumer and Small Business Benefits

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This article was published on 27.08.2015 by G.l. Giddings
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