Daily Habits That Will Ensure You Build A Team In MLM

Each day we begin working on our MLM business, do we have the right "Habits" in place?

If you have the wrong habits in place, you may find yourself getting nowhere.

But, if you have the right habits in place, that you perform each and everyday, you will almost ensure some type of success with the MLM business model.

So let's look at a few habits we can put in place to help us find new customers, and signup more reps.


If you are not exposing new people to your business model, each and everyday, the only question I would have is "why not?".

Prospecting is the very key fundamental foundation to your business, so you must prospect new people on a regular basis.

Each day, have a specific number of people you will reach out to and get a presentation in front of. Always meet this number, and the signups for distributors, and even new customers, will come from it.

Social Media

Having a pattern or "theme" to your social media strategy can help pull in those prospects you need for your business.

Posting new updates, and sharing the exciting news of a product testimony can draw curiosity to you.

Whatever you do, you do not want to share the name of your company or the name of the exact product. 

For some people, they will get a sale from time to time doing it this way. but for the most, they will not.

Leaving your audience curious will result in more people messaging you or asking you more about it, which is the key to using social media in the first place.

Content Creation 

When the hours are super earlier, or really late, you can put your efforts into creating new blogs, articles, and videos.

Content creation will be a slow moving strategy, but one that can really bring results in time.

The best part of creating content, is that it stays online forever in most cases.

So the work you are putting in today, can bring you new leads and signups down the road.

Focus on getting a new blog post up, or shooting a new video every time you work.

It all equals authority for you, and those who put out the most content, will see the most results.

Paid Advertising

Everyone needs to find at least one form of paid advertising they can put in place.

Paid advertising will drop almost instant results, but can be risky.

Find one paid advertising source that will get you the highest quality leads possible.

Practice it daily, and keep up with that source of spending. You want to get better at it, and master it so you can add another paid source to your business later.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to get prospects, leads and signups.

The only downside to it is, once you stop paying, it stops coming in.

Free Advertising

Free advertising does not pull results as good as paid advertising does.

But it's free.

If you took the time to set up as many free ways to promote your business as possible, you wouldn't need to put much more time into it afterwards.

This form of work is not much of a habit, but one that will shine a few results over time.

Always look for new ways to promote if they are free. Remember some will do nothing at all, some will bring little. But increase it as often as possible and any increase in business is better than none.

Guerrilla Marketing

Similar to free advertising, consider using Guerrilla marketing strategies as often as possible.

What guerrilla marketing is, is basically finding strange ways to promote your business and draw attention to it.

Not an everyday habit, but perhaps a weekly or monthly habit to get into.

Finding unique ways to get your message out like placing sticky notes on gas pumps, drive-through windows, or hanging banners in public, can get you leads.

You need to use your imagination on this one, because every area is different than the other.

Habits To Avoid

What you want to avoid, is doing nothing or procrastinating.

Many people spend a lot of time thinking about where to go next.

Getting on Facebook and spending a few minutes reading other's posts.

Or finishing up something, and spending a lot of time "thinking" about what to do next.

The habit of procrastinating is a killer to any business, including MLM.

You need a timed schedule to follow everyday, and stick to it.

Creating a schedule alone will save you much time from procrastinating or "figuring out" where to go next.

Did This Help?

If this helped in any way, let me know.

Be sure to leave a comment below, and shoot me over a connection request. I will accept all requests sent, and will prevent you from loosing a credit on an inactive member!

P.S Want to see what habits can do for building downlines? Take this free tour and I will build you a downline with my habits, and you can even keep the signups I place under you!

This article was published on 10.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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