How To Get New Business Partners Here On MLM Gateway


If you've been using MLM Gateway for a long time, you may of realized that it is a very good source for finding new business partners.

Customers, not so much.

The reason this is, may be because most people here on MLM Gateway are business minded and want to work in MLM for the money side of things. 

So it would only make sense that there are a lot of members here on MLM Gateway that are looking for the right opportunity to get involved with something they can be good at.

But for most people, they are not fully grasping how to use MLM Gateway to get those new business partners, and continue making the same mistakes as many will do.

So today, I want to share some ideas with you on how to get new business partners here on MLM Gateway, and build a team using this platform.

Main Mistakes Of Members

Many people think if they just talk about how great their company and opportunity is, everyone who sees it will drop what they are doing and join them.

Truth is, it never works that way.

A big mistake that many make when they are connecting with others, is they use the default message to send other members.

The default message is only an example. Never use it. Erase it and create a personal message that will get conversations going.

Writing business announcements that have no value is another mistake. You can't just go on and on about your company, as everyone here is looking for success. If they can't make it in the company they have now, why would yours be any different.

Hopefully this gives the idea of the ideology that prevents you from getting anywhere on the platform.

The Right Way To Build A Team With MLM Gateway

When reaching out to new people and connecting, send a personal typed message with questions in it. If you ask a question, you can get a response.

Your connection must be of value to the other member, or you will not be any different from the others.

People will join people they can learn from, and get results with.

When you are writing business announcements, share value and helpful tips instead of blabber.

People want to read what they feel will help them, isn't that why you are reading this?

The ideology you should be using is "how can I be helpful to other members" and the entire game changes.

People begin joining you and working on your team, as you become what they were looking for.

MLM Gateway Advertising Tips

Many people do the ads on here in a way that will not serve them.

Whenever you run an ad, you need to be sure the page you send the clicks to, is a landing page.

Make sure the ad first is something of benefit.

You must get the benefit of the ad to the member. When they see your ad, do they know what benefit they will get if they click on it?

Then they must go to a landing page to give their name, email and phone number.

This way your ad can capture actual leads.

The biggest mistake is when you send people to a replicated page that is just a order form. No on is going to order on their first visit. So if you don't have a landing page, stop running ads until you do.

Do You Want A Team Built For You

If you are looking to have success in MLM, then this may be of use to you.

Building a team by yourself is a long battle, but having the help of others makes it better.

I have been working with several members here on MLM Gateway and they are getting new business partners for the first time ever.

If you want to have me help build you a downline and show you several ways to be successful in this industry, simply go here and join the success line for free.

Then I will continue putting new business partners into yours and my business, so we both can use the volume for nice commission checks!

Did This Help?

If you got some value from learning what to do on MLM Gateway to get new business partners, be sure to comment below. Also, feel free to share this on your favorite social media platform so others can value from your posts.

P.S I've never seen more people in my career have the success we are having with our success line. Take the free tour here, and let me build you a downline and bring in new business partners on a regular basis.

This article was published on 16.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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