Hello everyone.. I am Jane. I live in Cerritos, CA and I've been an Independent Associate of USANA for like 3 months.. this company has been in business for 25 years and still growing. They are doing business in like 30 countries all over the world, received countless awards, they are also in the NYSE - New York Stock Exchange, and most of all, USANA is a partner of DR. MEMET OZ.. Yes, the famous DR. OZ is a partner, user, and endorser of USANA.

 USANA is a Greek word meaning TRUE HEALTH. USANA's Founder, Dr. Myron Wentz is an Albert Einstein awardee and is and Expert in Microbiology and degenerative diseases. USANA'S technology called CELL SIGNALING makes your cells communicate with each other.. when the Vitamins are taken, it goes directly to your cells.. 

USANA IS used by USA Athletes, athletes all over the world, Oprah, Obama, Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, UFC Fighters, and many more..  USANA'S FOCUS IS  Cellular Repair, Cellular Re-generation, Cellular rebuilding, and CELLULAR RENEWAL... Cellular Nourishment.. IF YOUR CELLS ARE HEALTHY, then you are definitely HEALTHY.. 

USANA'S VITAMINS are all ORGANIC and Plant-based.. USANA's products have NO TOXICITIES.. meaning, IT WILL NEVER DAMAGE your organs in the future..  

USANA has Vitamins for the EYES, BONES AND JOINTS, HEART, for the Liver, for kids, for pregnant women, for Prostate for men, for the GUT, etc.. USANA has an ingredient called OLIVOL - extracts from Olive Oil and also Grape Seed that are included in the Supplements.. 

USANA's CELLSENTIALS - is the Anti-Oxidant and Multi-Vitamins. It can help you have better sleep, better bowel movement, anti-aging,  helps in lowering cholesterol and highblood pressure, and many more. USANA is highly potent and effective.. It is in the book of medications used by doctors, and a lot of Doctors recommend USANA to their patients. 

USANA also have a skincare line called CELAVIVE which promotes and helps with smooth and younger skin.. YOU WILL SEE THE difference in HOURS!! not days... HOURS!! 

For inquiries, please visit my website:  http://www.evolved.usana.com

Please watch this video to know WHO IS USANA?   https://youtu.be/3QNrPtVM1NA

Message me on FAcebook.com/boostthathealth


This article was published on 01.10.2018 by Boost ThatHealth
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