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Mining Digital Currency – Pi. Mine π

Mining Digital Currency – Pi.  - Mine π

Like gold, silver and copper… digital currency (Bitcoin, for example) goes through a mining process. And …in a similar way to the California “gold rush” where you are excited to get your mule, pickaxe, sieves, and pans to find gold (and other metals and minerals), a similar process is executed to mine for digital currencies.

Today… you can go mining for an ounce of gold, and you should redeem for $1,800 or so. You may also take $1,800 of funds to buy an ounce of gold. 

The digital mining of bitcoin is done with computers.

And, without being too detailed, here is the cost of one of those “digital miners” in the Amazon store…

QIO TECH Bitmain Antminer S19 95ths Asic Bitcoin Miner: $12,900.

Bitcoin mining process is executed with banks of computers using a lot of power and cooling. And, I guess, for $57,000 per bitcoin, it is worth it. …and, it is a very, very competitive space.

Mining for gold is very difficult and expensive today. Large dirt movers, large tractors, underwater diving equipment, and tugs/sea vessels are used to dig and dredge for mine on mountain sides, rivers, and in the middle of the Bearing Sea … not to mention the cold, dank weather conditions - - away from family and friends… in HOPES of finding 100 ounces of gold is arduous!!! 

Bitcoin is among the most famous of digital currencies.  Please know that there are many additional digital currencies.  And, they are being spent for goods and services .. in addition to being traded systems like RobinHood and several others.

Take a look at this link for today's bid/asks of several digital currencies:

There is a new digital network. It is called Pi. ( π ).

The Pi network mines in a very light way… literally sipping some cycles from networks of cell phones.

I have "mined" 550 Pi in 10 weeks of loading its mining app to my cell phone.  And, as I write this at this moment, the currency value for Pi has not been established.  It could be:

$1.00, or $10.00, or $100.00 per Pi.  wow!!  That multiple definitely has me excited!!!!  But, officially, at the moment of this writing, the currency value of Pi has not been established.

I invite you to join me in mining Pi. .with your cell phone.

After you are mining Pi, your rate of mining will increase as you invite other people to mine Pi for their own gain. Invited Pi miners are a part of your mining network.

…and those people you invite are rewarded for inviting others to join them.

Please take a look. Please join me in mining Pi. ( π)

This article was published on 04.12.2021 by Raphael Bailey
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Pi Network - digital currency, Free to join

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