Crowd Marketing - The innovative way to influence

Crowd Marketing - The new way to launch Luxury Brands
Ten years ago a new Brand could send products to Bloggers and Influencers which would write about the products and poste pictures. This would make a consumer demand for the products. The watch Brand Daniel Wellington became one of the biggest watch companies in a few years with this strategy. Today the Bloggers cost a lot of money to use and the consumers no longer trust them because they are aware of it is paid for.

Imagine if 150.000 micro-influencers wrote about a product and posted pictures on their social profile - That would for sure make a consumer demand you have never seen before!

Devide is based on this idea and have a realistic plan to be the leader in micro-influencing or Crowd Marketing. As a Brand Ambassador for Devide you will get paid when a product is sold around the world and when you build your crowd.

What is Devide?
Devide is a brand new Crowd Marketing Company. The founders are Swedish and the CEO is a super experienced Danish woman. As a Brand Ambassador you get luxury products and can get a share of the company. Devide is a platfom that lanches new luxury Brands. Devide uses Crowd Marketing and is expected to have ten new Brands in the next 3 years. The first 3 Brands are ready and more will come in the years to follow.

How to get started:
You buy a Brand Box (You can make money and get a share of the company = Profit Points).

1 profit point is now worth 2,85 Euro and is expected to be 70 Euro in three years!

The Brands
Devide will always own minimum 51% of every Brand the launch. They own 71% of the two first Brands which is Saint Rochés sunglasses and Hauger watches.

Brand 1: Saint Rochés Sunglasses -
Brand 2: Hauger Watches -
Brand 3: Weyfire -

Why join Devide?
- you do not have to buy anything every month.
- you do not have to sell a product.
- you have a value in the Profit Points even if you decide to do nothing (in the biggest Brand Box).
- great compansation plan if you decide to be a Crowd builder.

This article was published on 01.04.2019 by Erik Praecius
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Devide tilmelding - crowd marketing, 339 USD to join

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