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The Realities Of MLM

I've come to the conclusion regarding this great industry of ours, their are some inevitable truths. Patience is so very important when building your business. Having an autoresponder, or working with a company that sends out follow up emails on your behalf is so important. Prospects may need as many as 15-20 follow up emails before deciding to join your team. We all know their are so many opportunities to choose from,  a prospect may just be looking for that person who keeps reminding them of their opportunity,  as this shows someone they are serious and will not quit, unless of course, you unsubscribe from their list.

Another thing to remember is, just because someone doesn't appear to be doing much, never assume they will not be productive in your downline. Remember, at any given time, that affiliate may get things going and start getting Things going.

One of the things to consider is, most of your income will probably come from only a few people in your organization. Rock stars, as I like to call them may not join your organization for years maybe. That's one of the exciting factors about this industry is, you may be doing OK, then all of a sudden you or someone in your group signs up somebody that will end up bringing hundreds of people in your team, and your commission check may double or triple in one month's time. That is why you should never quit. Your super star leader may be right around the corner.

You know, their is so many variables to consider in this crazy industry of ours. I totally believe if you keep working, your "luck" increases. In other words, the law of averages will eventually work in your favor. Of course, you want to team up with a great company that can supply you with a lot of helpful tools like automated follow up email campaigns, a comp plan that works for everyone, and, of course, great products and /or services.

If you are still looking for that one company that has great tools and leadership, and are looking for a helpful upline, please reach out to me hear, or send an email to leave me your phone number and I will get back to you. I am hoping to have the pleasure of meeting you. 

This article was published on 02.07.2018 by Eric Block
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Jaye Carden Great job on this Eric! It does seem many people need several follow ups, as many as up to 90 in some of my cases. So I know these statements are the real thing!  4 years ago

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