Be Your #1 Testimony When Sharing Your Product

In every company, the product(s) are one of the most important things because if it does not get sold, no money will be made. Products are the foundation of the company. The product line is important to the company’s brand as well. In MLM, people make money by getting customers and reps. It’s not just about acquiring customers but maintain them. Every company knows that customer retention is just as important. The residual income that so many distributors admire will derived from a constant flow of product sales in your team. Without that, residual income will not exist.

One of the best ways to start getting product moving is to become YOUR #1 customer (testimonial). Every company has at least one product that you may benefit. If you do not need to lose weight, then try other products such as the coffee, skin care line etc. What am I am saying? Choose a product and be a testimony of that product. When you share your product results with other people, you will come across authentic and with so much passion. Your conversation will be natural and easy. If they can see the passion in your eyes, then they will connect with you. They will feel your energy that you are conveying to them. This is very important. People often buy because of the feeling they get about the product.

 Most of the people that are in your warm market, will see your results for themselves. They will even start to ask you questions or make comments such as” Your skin looks good?” “What are you using?” “Oh, have you lost weight?” For others, such as acquaintances, get your testimony to them by a video or picture of yourself. They will be able to see your improvements in your skin or weight. We live in a visual world now, so yes, people will be more impressed by what they see than what you say.

Once you have done your testimony, then you should encourage your team to share their testimonies as well. In the meantime, know your product well enough to explain what it is for and how it can benefit them. If you are new, send them to the resource your company has available. Please, always keep yourself out of trouble by NOT MAKING ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS. Folks this is so important not to do. I know that this product has improved your life. You want the whole world to know that this is the best thing since superman. Some folks will run to their doctors & want off preion meds. SLOW DOWN. No one should be going off any medications without doctors’ recommendations. Before anyone start any supplement with their diet, they should always take the advice of a doctor especially if they are on health problems. All it takes is ONE person to make a medical claim, & the FTC can come in and shut the company down. When that happens, there are no checks being paid to anyone, period. As a rep, you should never leave out that disclaimer. Sometimes people will not say anything because they fear they may lose the potential customer. It does not matter. Let them go. Always tell the truth anyway. People will respect you and it will keep you in good business standing.

   One thing you must know, is not everyone is going to be receptive to your product which is fine. You are not trying to convince to get the whole world about your product. When it comes to mlm, duplication is the key. Whatever you do, your team should be able to do it. Everyone in the business, should be product users and should have a personal testimony. If they do not, then they should have someone on their team.

Here is what I learned about promoting products. Let’s take weight loss for example since it’s a popular product. It’s so much easier marketing products to people that want to lose weight than folks that need it. For example, the people who are health conscious such as organic eaters, vegetarians, health bloggers, fitness gurus were often more open minded when I approached them about my product. Also, personal trainers, dieticians etc., People that understand why it is so important to be healthy were the ones that would look at my product and give me a chance. Skin care it was same. I am not saying these people will automatic be your customer. I am just saying they were more open towards it.

In the end, the most powerful testimony is your own. I stand by that. When you present your pictures and videos showing your new improve skin or weight loss results to a potential client, they are going to be impress. You have sold yourself without saying anything more. 

Angela Harrelson

This article was published on 08.10.2018 by Angela Harrelson
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