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Do you have a bunch of those old traffic programs lounging on your hard drive “chilling”?

You know the program that promised one click and you would reach millions of buyers in minutes?

You use safelists and Traffic Exchanges and click your fingers to the bone on a daily basis,trying to get referrals.

The truth (from my perspective) is that safelists and traffic exchanges are not effective ways to generate the traffic you need to succeed.

Most of these “free traffic systems” promise free traffic in exchange for your time, but the only one getting any real benefit is the website owner.

You may feel the same way, but think about this:

What if your safelists and traffic exchanges danced together creating a symphony of traffic straight to your website?

Couple Dancing Together in Perfect Harmony

What if the disjointed traffic programs sitting idly on your hard drive suddenly started working in concert with other traffic programs to bring you  millions of views to your chosen websites on autopilot?


In my other life, I would want to be a traffic guru. I investigate and check traffic generators and viral programs constantly trying to find an alternative to the high costs of Google and Facebook ads. These traffic behemoths are too expensive for the average online marketers.

The search engine business is skewed to the big businesses and the smaller businesses and sole proprietors are left to fend for themselves.

As internet marketers, we need to control of the traffic flow to our websites.

The lack of effective traffic generation is the number one reason that most small business owners fail to earn an income online.


 I explored and evaluated almost every traffic system and strategy ever published online.

Because of the huge failure rate for struggling online marketers, finding effective and reasonably priced traffic generation systems has been my passion for a few years.

In most cases I have been disappointed.

Many of these traffic systems are rubbish and many others are outright scams.

Some of the system worked fine when they were first released, but eventually the loophole got plugged, or everybody and their uncle got onto it and the edge was lost.

The bottom line is that in seeking success online in any business the ability to get people to visit your websites will determine your success.

The goal of my search was to find simple systems built on sound principles by ethical developers, who were able to deliver dependable, quality traffic at a reasonable 'cost'.

I recently explored a task intensive traffic generating program that combines some of those lazy traffic programs sitting on my computer doing nothing into an effective traffic generating machine.


This traffic system is like a Viral Loop where each traffic program feeds into the other for a continuoous flow of traffic.  In fact your pages are SEO optimized for maximum exposure.

To keep cost low, the creator of this program selects only those traffic sites that offer a positive ROI for the time and effort used to get the system working.

But the secret sauce is rather than finding one standalone website like Leads Leap, the system interlinks several sites and continually runs cross promotional campaigns to create leverage and create a perpetual traffic machine.

The creator of this perpetual machine encourages visitors to 'Steal This Page' and make their own copy... so with a little traffic to get things moving, each page becomes a standalone viral machine.

I was so excited to find several programs that I already use that used in concert create an automatic cashflow and traffic machine rolled into one.

The best part of this system is that it really is a Set-and-Forget System that eventually runs on autopilot.

Each strategy page in the system shows a set of compatible programs. This page turns into a permanent traffic system.

Fast Profit Programs For 2023


I put those lazy programs, lounging on my hard drive to effective use. The Programs on the Cash Flow Page include:


• Second Splash

• Viral Lightning

• Millionaire With Five

• EZclix

• The Clicks Engine

The Traffic Blaster

All of these programs are located on a cash and traffic site that you can own and profit from for years to come. The EZHITS System has been around for a long time.  In fact when I started inputting data and would get a response that the email I was using was already in the system... I realized I had started this process years ago and got side-tracked by one of those other shiny objects.


With any of the pages within the EZHITS system, the strategy is to build you a never-ending traffic and

 referral generating system.

You turn one visitor into multiple visitors while getting ongoing program signups and some cash.

The result of using this strategy is duplication of effort. You earn traffic credits, referrals, and cash from every page view.

The program represents a systemized lifetime plug-and-play strategy that will enhance your online marketing.

Get this program today. It will still be here for decades to come working for you and your downlines.


Wishing Your Health & Wealth 

Virginia Sanders, Nexus Coach

This article was published on 12.08.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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