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  Ok, it looks like we are about to (or, some suggest it has begun) start seeing the beginnings of another financial crisis.  This may be on the scale of 2008 or worse.  Much of the criteria, that I won't go into great detail here, have been met for a significant economic decline that will affect millions.  So what does that mean? To me, it means many bad things will happen for the majority of people. It also means that, for the few that prepare, it could offer unique opportunities. My feeling is that, right now, many things are on sale. Specifically precious metals (Silver/Gold) and CryptoCurrency ( Bitcoin/LiteCoin/Ethereum). Obviously, once the crash happens, on the other side of it, real estate and stocks, etc. will drop in value and be attractive for buyers. 

 Here's what I got... I have a process that would not cost anything to start yet it would self-finance itself through many levels of a business. You only need 4 people to qualify and this would be easy as there is no risk yet everyone (except for, maybe, 1%ers) is interested in financial self-preservation. Very little work and the entire process can be completed in 2 months. Besides the actual product that the business provides, as a companion, a forum with live-streaming/chat capabilities has been established as a way to accumulate and study financial/economic information as it unfolds. This would be used to identify and invest in assets that may have huge growth potential as the crash happens. Or, if you just want the cash, that's fine too.

 Here's what I need... I actually am not posting this to get a ton of interest as it has not been released yet. What I really need is a handful of people to look over the website and information provided. Admittedly, I am not great at website creation and/or "explainer" information. If you are interested, you'll be the first to implement the process and will possibly benefit from being an early adopter. I have not posted this information anywhere else other than MLM Gateway. I may start to roll it out as soon as Thursday evening if there is interest.


 If interested, please take some time to look over the information on the site. Let me know what you feel needs to be changed or added to make the information more easily understood.

 First come, first serve as far as those who are interested in participating. I will do this via FaceBook group/Email ( link provided on the site ) or those who reach out on MLM.

This article was published on 09.04.2019 by Sean Aldridge
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