Having A Hard Time Getting Results With MLM Gateway? Try These Strategies

When a person first signups up with MLM Gateway, it appears they have found the golden egg.

Then, all of sudden, they are getting more people offering them to join a new business, then they are getting people asking to join theirs.

So it should be at that point where you realize, "I need a new strategy", but for some, they just throw their hands up and believe it won't work.

So today, I will share with you some ideas and strategies to use on MLM Gateway, that can truly get you some results on this platform.

Most People Here, Want To Build Their Current Business

It's true, most people here want to build their current business. They are not wanting to join a new one.

But in no way does that mean building connections is a bad thing or a waste.

Keep in mind, almost every person here will also join another down the road. So keep building connections because over time they can bring results.

Also, if we know that people are here to build their current business, then there is a golden egg to be found.

And that's what we will focus on next.

Help Them Build Their Current Business

If you consider, that you can use secondary resources to earn income, then MLM Gateway is a jack pot.

What tools, resources, training products and such have you found to help you out a lot?

I'm sure many people on the platform will be open to using them too, to build what they have.

I've made almost endless amounts of commissions from doing this, and even building my relationships with other network marketers. 

This is the key. Companies close, and reps go looking for a new home. In many cases, their home becomes my business. All because I promoted resources, and built relationships with people on MLM Gateway.

Some Are Looking For A New Company Here 

Yes, it is true.

It's a much smaller number than not, but just blindly messaging people links will not work.

You have to use a non-intrusive way of getting them to look into your company.

The best way to do this, is by using the ads on MLM Gateway.

A simple text ad will bring to you the ones who are looking for a new company.

Just last week, I had 2 new signups in my business that came from the ads here. So the ads on MLM Gateway have been the most powerful ones I've ever used personally at this time.

Using MLM Gateway As Another Resource

While you are out on other platforms building your business, you meet others happy where they are.

Have you even thought about mentioning MLM Gateway to them?

I believe very strongly in this platform, and recommend it to everyone I speak to that isn't aware of it.

So then MLM Gateway becomes the "tool" for a relationship to be built.

Giving MLM Gateway another reason to be one of your main sources for building a MLM team.

What Not To Do On MLM Gateway

It is not wise to just throw links in messages at others.

It's not good to act like you want to join someone and only want to flip them.

Use MLM Gateway as a social tool, not a "join me" tool.

If you avoid pushing links to people, and instead offer valuable information, help and resources, MLM Gateway becomes almost a daily income stream both directly and indirectly.

Change your way of thinking and strategy, and your results on this platform and ALL THE OTHERS will begin to change as well.

Did This Help?

If this gave you new ideas or helped in any way, be sure to leave a comment below. Also, if we have not connected yet, shoot me over a connection request and I'll be happy to accept it. This way you do not waste a credit.

P.S If you are wanting a change in your MLM company, a new team that will produce you new reps through my efforts and investments, then it is finally a real thing. Take this free tour and let me build you a downline for free, and you can decide later if you want to keep it or not.

This article was published on 19.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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