Karatbars Power Leg Momentum Strategy, With Love From Above!

Karatbars 1 Gram Gold Insert Gift & Collector Cards.

At Karatbars we have made available several Gold Insert Gift and Collector Cards for special occasions. All of which will retain their Store of Value for decades, even when presented as a gift. 

Gold has maintained it's true "Store of Value" as real Money for over 5,000 years. And as Governments and Bankers continue to print "Fiat Paper Currency", the purchasing power of "Paper Money" spiral downwards, buying less and less, while the value of real Money Gold, maintains it's true "Store of Value", for decades. 

The Karatbars Compensation Plan.

The Karatbars compensation plan, in my opinion has proven to be very unique because of several factors. 

Free Accounts Affiliates Can Earn 5 Streams of Monthly Income:

1: Here is a company which has formulated a very profitable and sustainable Home Based Business based on compensating it's affiliates generously for Saving, not Spending, their hard earned depreciating paper currency into a true Store of Value, for the past 5,000 years, 24 Karat 999.9 pure grams of Gold. 

2: Anyone can open a FREE gold savings account (No Banking Info. Required), and begin their gold Savings program and earn 5 streams of monthly income just by saving, whenever they choose, and showing others how to do the same. Teaching their family and friends, or anyone else, how to  save real money, for NOW and the FUTURE.

Why Save In Gold?

Here is quote from the website of Politifact.com: "In 1913 the official price of an ounce of gold was $20.64. Today, an ounce of gold buys $1,370. That is an increase in the price of gold of some 6,530%; seen another way, the value of the dollar versus gold has fallen 98.5 percent," explained Jamie Jacoby with the Richmond Tea Party".

Karatbars "Power Leg" Momentum Strategy, With Love From Above!

Optional Builders Package Account Affiliates Can Earn Another 2 Stream of Weekly Income:

And this is where the Karatbars compensation plan really began to appeal to me. 

1: There are NO. Yes NO generations "Cut-Off". Affiliates are paid down to "Infinity". This means the person who founded Karatbars in the USD in 2011 is being paid today and will continue to be paid on every savings transaction and every new optional business package opened, in the future.Talk about a "Long-Term" sustainable weekly residual income. And this can happen for you also. 


2: Each builders package account affiliate can only build their business with a structure of 2 legs. One on the Right Side, and One on the Left Side. This means that once a new affiliate opens an account with the optional builders package, the new affiliate's group and volume must include the affiliates they sponsor, plus the affiliates from their up-line, including the up-line's personal affiliates volume. This is what we call Getting  "Love from Above" 

Please take a good look at this Power Leg Momentum Strategy 11 minutes video.  


If you love what you have seen and read so far and you would like to "Test Drive" or "Kick the  Tires" we would love to invite you to our "Team Huddle" webinar on Monday evenings at 9:00 pm EST. 

Please give me a shout-out so I can give you the link. 

Or you can open your FREE account here!

Thank you dearly for your time while I look forward to your comments.

This article was published on 19.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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KaratBars International - Gold Savings, Free to join

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