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Pre-launch in January with Dallin Larsen's 3rd and Final Huge Company!

Founding Distributor with Leadership Positions Filling Up!

Dallin Larsen is an icon in the Network Marketing industry, having built two highly successful companies with the last one growing to nearly $1 Billion in only five years! If only you could have jumped into one of those leadership positions before the company ever launched ...

Now is Your Chance - Dallin's 3rd and Final Company is in Pre-pre-launch Mode!

Two weeks ago I was invited to Dallin's home to learn that his non-compete agreement with his former company had expired and he was ready to build his next exciting venture. With Dallin, you know what you are going to get, so I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be a Founding Distributor. This means I am in an elite position and poised to place people who will be at the forefront of this company's tremendous potential for growth. The word is already spreading around the world about Dallin Larsen's next big company. Now, you know one of the Founding Distributors. This is your moment.

Is There Some Kind of Huge Investment to Pay?

Do you like the words, "Get started for FREE?" The fact is, you can't even purchase product for another couple of months. And then, the monthly product purchase will only be around $110 [pricing is not yet final but this is the current approximate price]. Meanwhile, lock-in your leadership position and start building toward the pre-launch in January. If it doesn't go as you expect, just stop. If it goes as everyone expects, buy some product and enjoy your new business and unlimited potential! 

You Demand High-quality Innovative Products!

And so you shall have them! Dallin has built an impressive executive team, including a Chief Science Officer who is about to disrupt the industry with five exceptionally well-studied, yet unique nutrition products with broad demand. Then, he will add equally industry-disruptive product lines of skin care, personal care, hair care, and more. I can't say much right now, except to expect the best! Call me and I'll send you a corporate product video.

What About the Compensation Plan?

I'm sworn to secrecy, but details will be launched soon. I'll just say this plan will rival the generosity of anything Dallin has ever done, and that is saying a lot!

First Come, First Serve!

My position forces me to build/place under others. Now is the time to call and lock-in your position with other top leaders. To have a start-up company with the credibility of Dallin Larsen, proven products, seasoned Execs and the potential of a pre-pre-launch in one of my leadership positions is simply ...[insert all the cliché stuff …but know this is truly, highly unique].

You Should Probably Already Be Calling Me.

Call me for more information: 801-919-9995 (Shane or Rachelle). If I don’t hear from you, I sincerely wish you good luck with all you are doing. For everyone else, let's go have some fun and change some lives!

This article was published on 04.11.2016 by Shane Mcclellan
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