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Psalm 27:14 - Wait patiently for the Lord; Be brave and courageous; Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

If you are building a network marketing business and have been involved in the profession for very long, you have come to a point that you wonder who to talk to next.  Then, you are faced with a decision, as far as do you prospect more offline or online.

Or both?

I have found that I prefer some form of prospecting versus marketing because it fits my personality better.  I prefer to directly communicate with people and have my eyes wide open that only a small percentage of people will be open to looking, or say "yes" to join, since our culture is so hugely skeptical.

It seems that marketing wise we have to be outrageous to stand out from the crowd, as in paying for billboards and having them turned upside down on purpose (or something similar) to attract attention.  The marketing side is not what I prefer since we are spending money and hoping for a response.

Maybe you agree with this, but you may not.  We are all different in our approaches to people.  We are all different in how we tick.  But, if you happen to prefer prospecting the same way that I do, then you may like the option I am presenting in this article.

I fully realize that some people will be interested in my primary when they see it, but many are building a business that is already a fit for them and they want to get their presentation in front of more people.  I also want to help others build their businesses.  I hate to see people quit too soon.

Leads are important.  This option will require you to use the phone, whether the system finds the people for you or whether you stay at the initial level and do the work yourself.  Either way, you will need to invest some time on the phone with your prospects and interview them to see what they want or don't want.

At the initial level I mentioned, you pay a very small fee and get your first batch of leads.  Once you have contacted those leads and made notes from the initial responses, you can request another batch of leads and repeat the process.  You can repeat this over and over and over again without paying another fee.  You do all the work at this level.

Should you choose to upgrade to the next two levels, the system can be set up so that it does the work for you and you mostly just talk to the interested parties.  At the first two levels you will be paid a commission when somebody joins, but at the last level there is no commission.  There is plenty of value, just no commission.

There is plenty of training in the back office and the system itself has been proven to work for many people.  Network marketers need a cost effective, duplicatable system to work and find people, and this fits the bill.

My mentor who has shown me how it all works has built a strong organization with this system over a few years. It is duplicatable since it is an investment with virtually no risk and progress can be made daily to talk to people and follow up with them.

There will be a certain percentage of disconnected numbers, voicemails, and sometimes people who simply say "no", but these things are involved no matter how we prospect. There really is no easy, silver bullet to building an organization.  We have to learn to communicate with people and manage our emotions.  

To learn more visit www.scottmooreonline.com.  If you have more questions you can reach out to me here.  There are more details about the system I can give you at that point.  This article is just a quick overview.

With Respect

Scott Moore

This article was published on 02.03.2017 by Scott Moore
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